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9.6 / 10  Review Rating

Cord-cutting doesn’t mean saying goodbye to all your favorite TV shows, live sports, and other entertainment. But if you cut the cord while keeping a shoddy Internet provider, the only thing you’ll be watching is a buffering wheel. It’s not exactly cheap, but Spectrum Internet® has impressive offerings that make it one of the best values for high-speed Internet, TV, and home and mobile phone service. It also offers perks that can save you hundreds each year. We dove into some of Spectrum’s Internet services to see if it was the right fit for us.

A Quick Look at Spectrum Internet

  • States served: 42
  • Subscribers: 102.7 million
  • Connection type: Cable
  • Maximum download speeds: 1 Gbps (wireless speeds may vary)
  • Maximum upload speeds: 35 Mbps
  • Starting price: $49.99 per month for 12 months


Spectrum offers discounted Internet and TV bundles that help new customers save money. There are some fees attached and a price increase will come down the line, but Spectrum has no data caps or contracts and even provides a contract-buyout option to make it easier to switch Internet providers.

Spectrum Internet Pros and Cons


  • No data caps or contracts
  • Quick speeds at every plan level
  • Contract-buyout option
  • Numerous bundle offerings
  • No equipment rental fee


  • Prices increase after the promotional period
  • Additional fee for WiFi
  • Variable wireless Internet speeds

Spectrum Availability

As the second-largest cable Internet provider in the U.S., Spectrum’s reach is impressive. Its service is available in most parts of the country, but the coverage varies by state. It’s primarily available in urban and suburban areas, as well as major cities across the country. That was especially good for our small business, since we work out of the city and sometimes travel to events to promote our products.


Spectrum Internet Plans, Speeds, and Features

Internet plan Starting price* Maximum download speed** Maximum upload speed** Data Cap
Cable $49.99 per month for 12 months 1 Gbps 35 Mbps Unlimited

*Price reflects promotional rate for the first 12 months.
**Wireless speeds may vary.

Upon first glance, we were happy to see that Spectrum offers gigabit Internet speeds. Our day-to-day operations involve client calls and downloading marketing assets for social media. On slow days, we sometimes stream a movie or show while we work. We experienced some moments of slower Internet speed, but we knew it was just the reality of using a cable Internet provider.

Spectrum’s price increase after the first 12 months is a bit disappointing, but it’s a common feature even with the best ISPs. We didn’t have to deal with an equipment rental fee, however, which kept the plan at a reasonable price for our budget. It was also really cool to find discounts and deals from Spectrum to help us further offset other costs that came with our Internet plan.


Cord-cutter's Tip: Be mindful of the promotional rate and regular rate of each Internet plan before committing. You’ll be more prepared to adjust your budget once the price increase comes around.

Spectrum Internet Contracts, Data Caps, and Equipment

Spectrum is a contract-free Internet provider, which is a huge plus. Our previous plan put us on a contract and was going to charge us an early termination fee (ETF) if we decided to cancel early. Spectrum’s contract-buyout option was a relief, since it would cover the cost of ETFs up to a certain amount to help us switch to its plans. As a small business, that was great for our budget.


Cord-cutter's Tip: Be mindful of any and all fees that come with your internet plan, such as installation and plan activation.

Spectrum Data Caps

Spectrum Cable
Unlimited data

Spectrum has no data caps on any Internet plan, which made us happy as new customers. Knowing how much we love to stream Netflix or Disney Plus during work hours, it also meant we could stream in 4K as often as we’d like. Both streaming services use about 7 GB per hour when streaming in 4K, but now we don’t have to worry about our data usage and the surprise overage fees that come with it.

Our Experience With Spectrum Internet: Customer Service

Spectrum’s customer service is easier to reach now that there are multiple ways to contact them. We often use the 24/7 phone line, but Spectrum also offers support via online chat and social media. Despite some feedback about long hold times, we were able to reach a representative quickly whenever we needed support. Even when we had to wait a bit longer, the customer service was great and we typically got our issue resolved in a matter of minutes.


Cord-cutter's Tip: Some contact methods are quicker than others. Assess your issue with your Internet service before deciding which method is the most effective for your situation.

Spectrum vs. Competitors

Spectrum is one of the largest and most well-known providers in the country — and for good reason. With high speeds, fair prices, and no data caps or contracts, its plans are great for cord-cutters. If you’re looking for Internet with faster speeds, however, both Xfinity and AT&T offer fiber Internet options.

Overall Verdict on Spectrum Internet

With Spectrum Internet, we felt like we were paying for Internet access across the U.S., not just at home. Spectrum’s cable network can’t match the speed or reliability of a modern fiber network, but it was still a smooth Internet experience. We were impressed with the perks, especially the lack of contracts and data caps. All this considered, Spectrum is a strong option for affordable and reliable Internet.