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A great cable replacement with everything from sports to news
9.1 / 10  Review Rating

Services like fuboTV are very different from on-demand services like Netflix and Hulu. fuboTV and its competitors give us something that used to be exclusive to cable and satellite: live TV networks. A “skinny bundle” like fuboTV is supposed to give us all of the good things about cable (like live sports, local news, and laid-back channel surfing) without all of the bad things (like high prices, long-term contracts, and equipment rental fees). Does fuboTV pull this off? Let’s find out in our fuboTV review.

Pros and Cons of fuboTV


  • Extensive channel selection
  • Tons of live sports
  • In-depth and niche options for sports fans, including foreign soccer leagues, cycling, and more
  • Some 4K support


  • Missing Turner-owned networks, including CNN, TBS, and TNT
  • Like some competitors, fuboTV has gotten pricey


Streaming Sports: Let’s cut to the chase: If you’re interested in fuboTV, you’re probably a sports fan. See how fuboTV stacks up against Hulu to choose the best streaming service to watch your favorite local teams.


How It Felt to Use fuboTV

I've used fuboTV quite a bit — not just for this review, but for all the other testing periods for all of our past fuboTV reviews. I've watched this service evolve, but I haven't always been impressed with its quality or direction. This time around, though, I really liked what I saw.

fuboTV - Browser Homepage
fuboTV – Browser Homepage

It took fuboTV a while to figure out what it wanted to do, and it took it a few years after that to actually do it. But as I tested fuboTV for this review, I finally felt like I was using something that was both a streaming service and a live TV service — something that could actually beat cable at its own game.

I tried out fuboTV on my smartphone and in my browser, but it felt best when I was using it on my Roku TV. Some streaming services work hard to get you locked into one show or movie, but fuboTV gave me that lazy, cable-like feeling: I was channel surfing, half-watching, and just “seeing what's on.”

fuboTV - Browser TV Guide
fuboTV – Browser TV Guide

fuboTV's interface did try to get to know me: I could choose favorite channels, which were then added to my home screen. But I added enough favorites that I still felt like I was viewing a nice cable-like selection, and I always had the option to go to the “Guide” tab and view all of the channels I was paying for in a classic TV Guide format.

fuboTV makes it pretty easy to switch between channels. I couldn't simply hit channel up or channel down, but I could press the down button on my Roku remote (or click a button in my browser, or tap the screen on my phone) to bring up a little row of channels at the bottom of the screen. From there, I could hop to the next channel — or to one a dozen channels away. Things worked a little differently on the iOS, Android, and in-browser apps, which I felt made it a little harder to just channel surf.

fuboTV - Roku Channel Change
Changing the channel on fuboTV for Roku

Channels appear in a pretty logical order on fuboTV, but they don't have numbers. I do miss the days of typing in a number to jump to a favorite channel (I still have channel numbers memorized from when I was growing up), but that's not really an option with the ultra-simple streaming remotes that come with devices like the Roku Ultra or the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which don’t have number buttons. Numbers wouldn't really make sense in a web or smartphone interface, either.

The menus that fuboTV used instead weren't quite as fast as tapping in numbers on a remote, but they were pretty quick, and surfing got easier for me as I added more channels to my favorites, put my favorite channels in my preferred order, and started using other helpful options like the channel-return (or “last channel”) button in the fuboTV interface. With a little practice, I think you'll find that fuboTV is as easy to navigate as any cable or satellite service.

fuboTV - Browser Show Page
fuboTV – Browser Show Page

I had lots of ways to find something to watch. I could look through channels, check out menus of shows, or just search for what I wanted.

fuboTV - iOS Content Search
fuboTV – iOS Content Search

fuboTV is built around live TV, but that doesn't mean that you have to watch everything live. fuboTV let me rewind and replay live TV, and it also made recently aired content available on-demand. I could reach past episodes of shows and recently aired movies by navigating to a favorite channel or by heading to fuboTV's on-demand menus. fuboTV has one tab for movies and another for TV shows in its apps. On these tabs, fuboTV looks a bit more like Netflix than like a live TV service.

fuboTV - iOS On Demand Menu Shows
fuboTV – iOS On Demand Menu Shows

Personally, I found that I didn't use these on-demand tabs very often. fuboTV's live TV interested me a lot more — especially since the movies available on-demand were presented the same way that they appeared on TV, complete with commercial breaks and bleeped-out curse words.

fuboTV - Browser Movies On Demand
fuboTV – Browser Movies On Demand

One thing I really loved about fuboTV was the way that it organized its sports content. fuboTV had spots in its menus dedicated to live sports, which made it easy for me to find a game to watch. (I had a ton of games to choose from, too, because fuboTV has a lot of sports channels — more on that later on!) If you're a cord-cutting sports fan, I think you'll find that fuboTV really goes above and beyond for you.

fuboTV - iOS Video Playback Sports
fuboTV – iOS Video Playback Sports

If you're not a sports fan, don't sweat it — none of these features are intrusive. The sports-related menus were there for me when I needed them, but they were easy to ignore when I didn't.

fuboTV - Browser DVR
fuboTV – Browser DVR

fuboTV also offers a cloud DVR service. Just like a regular, old-school DVR, this service let me schedule recordings for shows and movies and then replay my recordings on my own schedule. Unlike old-school DVRs, though, my fuboTV cloud DVR stored my recordings in the “cloud” — storage space on the internet — and let me play back recordings in the fuboTV app on different devices.

fuboTV - Browser Cloud DVR Options
fuboTV – Browser Cloud DVR Options

I could schedule a recording on my iPhone and then play that recording on my Roku TV, my computer, or any other device I wanted to use (as long as that device could run the fuboTV app, of course). I found the cloud DVR pretty easy to use. If you've gotten the hang of a cable or satellite DVR, then I don't think you'll have any trouble learning to use fuboTV’s version.

When I chose to record reruns and movies, my “recordings” were ready to watch instantly, which I thought was neat. I didn’t actually have to wait for the show or movie to finish airing. This is only true of reruns, of course — you won’t have instant access if the program hasn’t been released yet!

What You Can Watch on fuboTV

fuboTV's mission is pretty straightforward: It's supposed to give us live TV channels, just like cable and satellite. fuboTV adds some value by letting us stream on different devices and by keeping its prices lower than cable (though fuboTV isn't exactly cheap). But little perks aren't the point of fuboTV — the point is the channels.

fuboTV - iOS TV Guide
fuboTV – iOS TV Guide

So which channels does fuboTV have?

A lot of them, as it turns out. fuboTV has really improved its channel selection since we last reviewed it. ESPN is available now, adding to an extremely impressive sports lineup that also includes FS1, NBCSN, and more. Depending on where you live, you may get access to certain regional sports networks. I tested this service in New York City, and I was able to watch MSG, MSG+, and SNY. (Let's go Mets!)

Sports aren't the only thing that fuboTV offers, but I was really impressed with the depth of the sports content. I expected channels like ESPN and FS1, but fuboTV also gave me niche channels that covered things like foreign soccer leagues, tennis, cycling, and more.

fuboTV also has a fair number of news channels, including the ultra-popular Fox News. Testing the service, I also watched channels like AMC and HGTV.

By the way, fuboTV lands channels like these by cutting deals with the owners of those channels. This is pretty much how it works with cable and satellite, too: If a TV provider like fuboTV or Spectrum (also known for internet deals) has to come to an agreement with a company like Viacom or Turner in order to get that company's channels on the service. Sometimes, deals expire and channels disappear. When contract negotiations get nasty, you might see ads about them, asking you to get into the fight: “Call your provider and tell them to get our channel back!” (These fights are called “carriage disputes.”)

With skinny bundles, the tough contract to get is often the one with Viacom. Some of fuboTV's competitors are missing Viacom channels, but fuboTV has them: You can watch Viacom-owned networks like Comedy Central, MTV, and VH1 on fuboTV.

However, fuboTV does not have a deal in place with Turner right now. That means that Turner-owned networks are MIA: You can't watch CNN, TBS, TCM, or TNT on fuboTV. That may change in the future, of course, but you and I can't control that — it's up to Turner and fuboTV! For now, you’ll have to look at other streaming options for CNN and the rest.

fuboTV Features and Streaming Quality

fuboTV's streaming fared very well in my trials. I got consistent 1080p HD quality on all of the devices I used to test this service. Loading times were pretty quick, and I virtually never saw any quality issues in my streams. You can tweak the quality while you’re streaming.

fuboTV - Browser Video Quality
fuboTV – Browser Video Quality

Like all good streaming services, fuboTV accomplishes this with “buffering” — loading a little of the video ahead of time. When my internet connection slowed down a bit (like all internet connections do from time to time), fuboTV could just grab the data it had stashed away. When my connection was speedier, fuboTV was busy buffering a few seconds ahead, making sure it was ready for the next slowdown. From my perspective, everything was smooth and consistent — since my stream never caught up to what was “buffered,” I just got to watch regular live TV without interruption.

Of course, because of how all this works, this meant I was on a slight delay. I tested the delay by comparing fuboTV's stream of CBS to my over-the-air feed, and I found that fuboTV was about 45 seconds behind when I streamed on my iPhone. Things were about the same on my Roku, but my laptop was a bit quicker — only about 30 seconds behind, give or take.

These are pretty typical delay times, and in most cases, I think they’re no big deal. A few seconds’ worth of delay is a small price to pay for smooth streaming! It just meant that I had to be a little wary about checking Twitter while watching live events like Mets games, unless I wanted to risk seeing people online reacting to a home run I hadn't seen yet.

fuboTV also supports 4K HDR for certain broadcasts, though I found this feature to be pretty limited. I think it's great that fuboTV is gearing up for 4K, but for now, you should expect pretty much everything you watch to be in 1080p.

fuboTV let me stream on up to two devices at the same time. That's pretty much the industry standard, though a couple of competitors — Sling TV and YouTube TV — offers plans with a three-screen limit.

fuboTV - Profile Pic Edit
My options for my fuboTV profile image

I could also create multiple user profiles within my fuboTV account. This is a nice feature if you’re hoping to get customized recommendations for yourself while sharing fuboTV within your family.

fuboTV - iOS Playback Options
fuboTV – iOS Playback Options

Some programming gave me options for closed captioning and (sometimes) foreign-language subtitles and audio.

The fuboTV App and Devices

fuboTV gave me plenty of device options. The fuboTV app worked well on my Roku, Fire TV iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer. You'll be in good shape if you use a PC, Apple TV, Android TV, Android mobile, Chromecast, or Samsung smart TV.

The fuboTV experience was pretty consistent across the apps, and all of our favorite streaming platforms were supported. fuboTV gets full marks here — if you sign up for fuboTV, you can count on being able to watch it on your favorite streaming device.

fuboTV Value

fuboTV is an extremely impressive live TV streaming service, but great live TV streaming does not come cheap. We've reviewed a lot of streaming services here at, and we're pretty familiar with the different sorts of streaming services that are out there. On-demand streaming services, like Netflix and Hulu, tend to be pretty affordable. Live TV streaming services, like fuboTV, DIRECTV Stream, and YouTube TV, tend to be a bit pricier. It's not uncommon to see prices around $40 or $50 per month for these sorts of services. And fuboTV is actually a bit pricier than that.

fuboTV's base bundle is $59.99 per month. That's still cheaper than most cable services, but it's definitely a little pricey for a streaming service.

Does that mean that fuboTV is a bad value? I wouldn't necessarily say that. You get what you pay for with fuboTV. It's pricey, but it has a very impressive channel selection. I would never call fuboTV a steal, but I think that it's fairly priced. If you want cheaper services, you can find them — but, in most cases, you'll be giving up some of the channels and features that make fuboTV worth its price.

fuboTV Review: Our Verdict

fuboTV has come a long way, and it's now one of the most impressive live TV streaming services out there. With the exception of the Turner networks, its channel lineup is comprehensive. The cloud DVR features work well, the interface is slick and easy to navigate, and the live streaming is smooth and crisp. If anything holds fuboTV back, it's the price: fuboTV may not be overpriced, but it's definitely not cheap. Not everyone will be able to stomach the price tag, but those who do will get a lot — especially if they crave the live sports coverage that fuboTV's competitors just can't match.

48 thoughts on “fuboTV Review

  1. Dave Steinquist says:

    I’ve had the previous Fubo package for a while, and this week I upgraded to the Latino ($14.99) package. One error in your review, the BeIn Sports English channel is still there in the Latino package, along with BeIn Espanol. With Fox Deportes now included, it increases UEFA and Bundesliga coverage for me, because I have Sling Orange and don’t have any other Fox Sports channels.

    Regarding platforms, the DVR function isn’t available on Roku, but works fine on my Firestick and Android tablet. Only other gripe is that on Roku, it makes you login almost every time you open the app – and my email and password are fairly long. (I’ve seen comments elsewhere that this is a common problem, and tech support didn’t help when I contacted them a few months ago.) However, on Firestick and Android it stays logged in, just like other apps (Sling, Hulu, Netflix, etc.) do.

    I’m happy with it, and get my fill of footy with Fubo Latino and Sling Orange!

    1. brik says:

      fubo is crap. i always have to delete it and then reload it

      1. Anonymous says:

        I have the same problem , having to uninstall and reinstall . !

  2. Kevin says:

    Didn’t answer my question at all. Didn’t even address it! Why would I ever use your service when you can’t even answer a question I asked twice over two weeks ago?

  3. Kelly says:

    Does fuboTV have NBC and NBCSN? That’s critical to get all the EPL games.

  4. Curtis says:

    As someone who has been using Fubo for nearly a year (though probably not much longer), I would like to add the warning that their DVR playback is very buggy (frequent sections of skipping around), and during major events (El Clásico, World Cup), I have experienced a lot of outages. Over two days in the World Cup group stage, I’ve had to submit three technical support tickets for different issues, and I had an entire evening and night where I could not watch a thing either recorded or live on Apple TV 4K (a “supported device,” oddly unlike their Android TV app, which is really awful). Their technical support is email only, not typically very fast to respond (usually the first response is the following day), and they have never really been very helpful actually resolving technical problems.

    1. says:

      I could easily get by with 8 – 12 primary channels IF such a option

      was made available. USA Network…..CBS All Access – One Reliable Headline News Network – Weather Network…Vintage Tv Network
      and etc.
      I knew this was once available but who offers this now and at what $$

  5. Shane says:

    Just wanna mention some errors in this review. FuboTV does allow you to select if you want to record new episodes or all episodes. Also it does have MTV along with MTV2, MTV Classic among others. On Apple TV you can channel surf by just swiping left or right on the Apple remote. Not sure about Ruko & others. I don’t personally have any issues with the DVR other than a few seconds of buffering when you skip ahead. Showtime however has been the worse when it comes to buffering. Now sure why as it’s the only stations that has this issue daily.

    1. Naenae86 says:

      Shane it sounds like you must work for Fubo. I say that because the pass customers respond back in 2018 and here you are in 2019 so that means Fubo has made some up grades. I remember when I had Fubo it buffer a lot. So just say that Fubo made changes along with there prices.

    2. Frankie Lane says:

      I’m trying to decide between FuboTV and YouTubeTV. They are very similar and both clean and user friendly interface. There are some differences. FuboTV allows you to scroll over 24 hours a head to see what’s showing. YouTubeTV is extremely limited, it only allows a few hours. Meaning I have to wait to see what’s playing later at night as the time of the day gets closer. Another difference is a minor one but an individual need/want in channel availability. YouTubeTV offers ABC, all of ESPN channels, but it doesn’t have History, NFL Network or Lifetime (my wife’s favorite). FuboTV on the other hand doesn’t offer ESPN or ABC but I can get that with the Disney+ bundle package (Disney+, HULU, ESPN+). However FuboTV does over my favorite NFL Network, History and the Lifetime channels.
      In reference to the DVR, they both have the same annoying issue. If you want to record a series they both record new & reruns. You can’t select just the new original one’s. They both just continue to record every showing of a the specific episode.

      1. Stephen Lovely says:

        Hi Frankie — keep in mind that ESPN+ offers its own live sports broadcasts, *not* a live feed of the ESPN cable network. To get a live stream of ESPN, ESPN2, or ESPN U, you’ll need to pick a skinny bundle that includes them.

  6. Dave Nelson says:

    Beware! Fubo makes it almost impossible to cancel your account.

  7. Shamarian Morgan says:

    My experience with Fubo was good…. until there was a problem. I call because my fubo app on the roku device kept jumping back to home, thinking it was just a glitch. Later that day I tried again same thing, so I go to another television in my home with the same type of device I’m getting the same result. So I decided to call fubo tech support… I did everything that was suggested…still no resolution, the technician explains that he needs my model # and bla,bla bla, he said he would be reporting it to “roku” tech. Now it’s the 2nd day no response until late evening. The email basically states that my device no longer supporting Fubo app… Okay I understand, however on the day I’m reporting the problem my account was being charged, and I’m no longer able to use the app. I have responded to the email requesting a refund…. no response!!!! I have call ( apparently their technology knows who calling because I’m always sent to a recording to call back later after being on hold for 20-30 min.) The thing is even if I can’t get a refund, let come up with another solution..( put my plan on hold until I get another supporting device… I like the app but customer service is horrible, customers are suppose to be appreciated. As far as the app, it is good but if you have a problem be very careful, don’t let them string you along until they get your money. Not giving me the opportunity to cancel and return later after I get another device. Very deceptive behavior. I won’t be returning because of this.

  8. AH says:

    For 20 months they charged me monthly $55 without sending any bill, no confirmation email and nothing else to inform me although they have my email address!!!They kept sending advertisement emails but no billing or payment receipt. I checked all of emails to include spams, something is funny when I called them they didn’t provide me any billing email. I never ever used this tv, I just found it when my bank notified me!!!

  9. Pamela says:

    Started the free trial today Jan 19,2020 and the picture is awful, the big banner across the bottom half of the screen is just stupid. No way I will keep this at this price.

  10. Bill Mutschler says:

    WARNING, FUBO is falling apart, DO NOT SUSBCRIBE. Choose HULU Live or Youtube TV instead, They continue to lose channels at an alarming rate and just make excuses and blame others. The most recent example, FUBO recently lost many local Fox affiliates. This means NO SUPER BOWL in english on the sports focused streaming network! Customers service response is “download fox sports go, log in with FUBO account and you can watch it” Of course after downloading fox go, it does not work. Customer service actual response: “oh, yea, that really doesnt work we just say it in case it might work”. PLus they throw in the “well some other people can still get FOX, so its not really an issue”. This is on top of other networks they continue to lose including YES (regional sports for NYC)

    1. SEM says:

      Fubotv picture quality is absolute crap. Who wants to watch a blurry 720p picture in 2020? Can’t even get basic HD at 1080p!

  11. Tracy says:

    All I can say is that Fubo Tv is a viable option for me to cut the cord with my previous carrier whom I have been with for 15 years! Thank you, thank you! I have all of my favorite channels that my previous carrier took when they “re-structured” their channel lineups.

    1. Poppy says:

      It says in your advertisement that you carry game show network but I can’t find it ?

  12. Shannon Bannerman says:

    STAY AWAY FROM FUBO! What they say they offer they actually don’t. Channels don’t work and when you try to correct it they can’t. I signed up to be able to watch a sporting event the night I signed up. Fubo couldn’t get it working for me so I didn’t get to use their program to watch. They didn’t cancel me like they said they would. They charge you 59.99 and WILL NOT FOR ANY REASON give you a refund even though THEY don’t offer the service they advertise. Don’t trust the “try” it you will get charged and there is NO getting it back. I SPOKE TO SARA WHO THEN TRANSFERRED ME TO HER MANAGER WHO SAID THE SAME THING…SORRY YOU’RE STUCK WITH THE CHARGE OF 59.99 EVEN THOUGH OUR SERVICE DIDN’T WORK!

  13. Lillie frost says:

    I just got fubo love it only thing I don’t like is all the sports channels be nice if I did have those channels I never watch but pictures are clear so far like I said love it

  14. Tracy Conroy says:

    I have used Fubo services on and off for 2 to 3 years. Other than it doesn’t have one feature that I would like to see it has been good. Until this last time I reactivated my account. It has been a horrible issue of a show actually playing all the way through with buffering and then it just stops then sometime it goes to the Fubo home screen or just exits out of the whole app. The picture quality has also been horrible. I have other streaming services that we use and none of them are having any of these issues. So I know it’s not just my internet or anything like that. Just so disappointed this time with the price I have paid and can’t watch what I want nor do they refund. Have canceled my subscription and will have to deal with these issue until the billing date since they don’t refund or compensate for the technical issues they are having. I emailed them and they did respond back with trouble shooting ideas, which I had either done before or tried what I didn’t think of and nothing has changed. Hope they will find the problem and get it fixed on their end:

  15. John Scott says:

    I used fubo tv for a one week trial.

    What I liked.

    * Channel selection was good and included Bravo and Hallmark channel.
    * I had no playback issues. I use hardwired connections to all the streaming devices.
    * Ability to record series.
    * 500 hour DVR was OK but unlimited would be better.

    What I didn’t like.

    * All the on-demand content seemed to have commercials and there was no way to search for on-demand without commercials.
    * 500 hour DVR filled up quickly when recording common shows like “Raymond” or “Two and a half men”.

  16. George Q. un ex de Fubo says:

    Quiero cancelar esta cuenta y no puedo siguen collectando el telefono no lo contestan 844-551-1005 por que este canal no sirve para nada es todo propaganda y no se puede adelantar ni atrazar tenes que ver lo que ellos quiren ni que fuera gratis un verdadero desenganio ya no mas un robo pagamos batante para este servicio que solo pasa propaganda yo no pago para ver propaganda quiero ver futbol cancel mi subcripcion por que tanbien es imposible hacerlo llame al numero 5 veces nunca lo atendieron en mi opinion no sirve solo te cobran para mostrarte dos horas y media de publicidad que ellos conbran tambien se cota y regresa al principio del partido hellloooo estamos en el anio 2020!

  17. Kyle says:

    I just switched from directv now/att&t. I was on their “$35 for life” plan, that of course wasn’t. I put up with so many glitches for so long, The DVR with 20 hours and no way to get more on my plan, was worthless. When I went to cancel, instead of offering something or even a sorry we are losing you. I was told how good of deal I had and that I was already saving money. Despite the double in price. Anyway, I left for Fubo TV, as they just added ESPN etc. I like it far better. A lot has changed since your review (for the better) that you may want to update it.

  18. Keith says:

    Fubo tv is terrible. Constant “ ghost spots” the picture goes out the sound goes out. All this as the raise rates AGAIN! No customer service to speak of. I’ve been on hold with the email customer service for over three weeks. No apologies, nobody that cares that I’m paying for this service. $60 a month for crap!

  19. Jen says:

    Fubu is an absolute scam. I had used the service and cancelled my subscription. I got charged for 3 months. When I called to explain they actually told me they can review when I’ve used fubu and from what device and it clearly showed I had not used the service because but would not give a refund except for the last payment. Absolutely worst customer service & a scam!

  20. Anderson says:

    The best is BCE Premium TV. We are using it for a long time. Over 100 Premium Sports Channels ( Sky Sports, BT Sport, Bein Sports, Fox Sports, NBCSN, TSN, ESPN, … ) only $20/month or $85/year. just search “BCE Premium TV” on Google you will find it easily.

  21. SEM says:

    Fubotv picture quality is absolute crap. Who wants to watch a blurry 720p picture in 2020? Can’t even get basic HD at 1080p!

  22. Gillmore says:

    I tried to sign up for fubo today and could not complete it and was told I would need to call customer service. The first call I was told my account was ok and to try a gain to sign on.
    I got the same error. Called customer service again was told they would need to long on to my computer to check for a virus to which I said Not happening and I asked if they could look at my account again and first he said there was no way and then he said it would cost me $200.00. I freaked out, and accused him of scammimg me and then he just hung up on me. WTH

  23. Jd says:

    Nothing but good things to say about FUBO as a sports fan. No issues at all with picture quality or service.

  24. Bill says:

    Fubo’s AFC Championship game stream quality was horrible. Resolution seemed to swing from occasional 1080P to very low resolution, like Donkey Kong on an old PC. I checked my fiber internet speed at the same time and it was a steady 100mb download. I’ve watched their standard content for months with no issues, and was excited to catch this game live. It was a massive fail. Their response were some tips on checking my connection speed. Bottom line is I have to find somewhere else other than my own home to watch the Super Bowl!

  25. AZ says:

    Wow these reviews are very helpful! I was going to signup with Fubo but after reading these reviews I won’t even bother with the free trial period.
    For me all the sports coverage is a CON. It is the ridiculous salaries paid to athletes that are driving our TV costs up.
    I think it is great that CNN is not offered on FuboTV.

    I’ve been with HULU for a year+ but after their last price increase I’ve been looking for an alternative. I’m still looking.

  26. RB says:

    FuboTV to me is better than YouTube TV except for picture quality. FuboTV streams mostly at 720x30p (SD), where YouTube TV streams mostly at 1080x60p (HD).

  27. Vern Henry says:

    I got a Wells Fargo $15 off on first month, so checked out the reviews, so still not sold on fubo!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Picture quality sucks!

  29. Pete says:

    Subtitles are not available on all shows. On some shows the subtitles are missing words or only show partial word. Many scenes are missing subtitles altogether. Spelling and punctuation are atrocious. It is like they are using auto speech recognition with 20 year old software. We are older and hard of hearing, so really need better subtitles. Isn’t there a FCC requirement that all network shows have useable subtitles?

  30. Tom in Ohio says:

    FALSE ADVERTISEMENT SCAM: This company is falsely advertising that you can watch local sports games that are blacked out. I had the NBA League Pass on Sling TV and Fubo TV runs advertisements during live basketball games that falsely advertise that local “black out games” such as the Cleveland Cavaliers on Fox Sports 1 Ohio are available on their platform. This is not true and you cannot watch those games with their NBA League Pass and local sports channel added on for an additional cost. It will still black those games out. The agent said there was no remedy to this situation, other than emailing their engineer team and putting my name on a call back list. I will be blasting this company on all platforms that I can as well as looking into filing with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Protection Agency.

  31. John says:

    How can I determine what video resolution I am actually receiving on FUBO? The “stream stats” displays “Screen Dimensions: 1920 x 1080” and “Video Resolution: 1280 x 720 @ 59.94 fps”. I don’t believe this is full HD 1080p.

  32. Anonymous says:

    fubo doesn’t have a free trial. they charge you after they say they need a credit card to test it

  33. Streaming tv says:

    Nowadays, due to advancements in internet facilities, the companies like have taken active participation in making people entertain. The fubo tv is the best way for making your tv smart enough to play the live content running on the streaming platforms with the help of the internet.

  34. Steve says:

    The FUBO free trial is a scam!! We tried to cancel and they refused to do it. We had to go to our credit card company to reverse the charges. Do not get sucked into their lies about a free trial. They are liars!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    If you like sports fuboTV is not for you. Fubotv is the most useless streaming service I have ever dealt with.$70 a month for this. Ignorant customer service that’s almost impossible to get in touch with unless you’re trying to be in a new subscriber which I strongly recommend not to do. As

    vise anybody that’s looking at fubotv to stay far away from this service.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Fubo TV has got to be the most useless thing I have ever paid for. I hope anybody that is involved in the fubotv scam gets what they deserve

  37. Anonymous says:

    Everybody needs to get on the page of getting rid of fubotv. This is a disgraceful company that’s stealing your money. How and why this is legal is shocking to me. Shame on you USA for letting this happen.

  38. FUBO TV SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    WORST FU#$%@ COMPANY EVER !!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Shelia says:

    Rip off, I cancelled my subscription and they automatically started it up the following month. When I called, they tried to say I restarted the subscription and charged me another month. Will never use service again.

  40. Hal S says:

    so it is now nov 21-2022 have read all the customer reviews Has Fubo Cleaned up their act on streaming quality to the point that it is worth considering cord cutting? PLEase Reviewer answer this with precise answers on what to really expect

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