I keep thinking back to Spider-Man, and a quote from Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben shortly before his death that influenced Spidey’s decision to do good things rather than sling his web for personal gain:

“With great power comes great responsibility.”

I admit that it’s something of a cliche. But think about it, and how it’s a good analogy for male enhancement.

What are you gonna do with your massive penis?

At the foundation of male enhancement is self-confidence. You have to feel good in your manhood before you can be confident as a human, and what you bring to this life. To your lovers, friends, children and the people around you.

With male enhancement, you can have a large penis, backed by a vigorous sex drive. Male enhancement can make you feel like a king-sized stud.

This is all grand. Now what are you gonna do when you become that stud?

I hope that whatever you do, you choose to do good things.

The desire will be there to go out and have as much sex as possible. That’s totally cool. That’s what the penis is for.

But when you’re doing this, are you engaging in fun, healthy and respectful passion? Or are you letting your new-found power pull you at its will? Are you cheating on people or damaging relationships?

Some of the most powerful men on Earth are rich beyond your wildest dreams. Warren Buffet has been the richest man on Earth, with a personal fortune over $50 billion. That’s billion, with a ‘b’.

The man has been rich most of his life, has thousands of employees and a list of guys who literally pay millions just to have lunch with him.

And yet, he lives in the same house he bought in the 1950′s, in Omaha, Nebraska. It’s not even valued at a million bucks. He drives an older model car, and his friend Bill Gates once joked that his furniture is so beat up it looks like came from a thrift shop.

This from a man who even now clocks in as one of the world’s ten-richest.

My point? Warren Buffet could live like an emperor. But in 2006, he donated $30.7 billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to extend global health-care, education and reduce poverty around the world.

Bill Gates, also at one time the world’s richest man, founded the organization named after he and his wife, that is now the world’s largest private foundation, helping millions around the world.

Both men intend to give the majority of their wealth to those who need it – the world’s sick, poor and underprivileged – when they leave this world.

What are you going to do with your massive penis and rejuvenated sex drive, courtesy of male enhancement?

I hope you choose to do good things that benefit the people around you, and the world we share.