What’s your favorite part of sex?

Is it the foreplay, or the act? Maybe, if you’re a bachelor, you like the hunt of going out and meeting hot women.

Maybe you’re married and you like the intimacy of sex with your wife and the post-performance cuddling.

For me, the best part of sex isn’t the hunt. Or the foreplay. It’s not even having the sex.

Do you want to know my favorite part of sex?

The anticipation.

There is absolutely NOTHING sexier than knowing that you’re going to have sex.

Imagine going to work in the morning, like you would any other day, but knowing that you’re going to have sex that night.

You talked with your wife or girlfriend earlier and you both decided to allocate time tonight for some fooling around. And she’s got a sexy little outfit that she’ll model for you first. It’s sitting in her top drawer.

You go through the day and the drudgery of traffic, meetings and small-talk in the elevator. You glance at your watch throughout the day, and it’s gradually moving forward.

You’re done work at five. But you’ve still got to drive home and cook dinner. If you’ve got kids, you help then with the homework and send them off to bed. A few phone calls pop up, but you’re getting close…really close.

And then, it’s happy time.

That’s a sexy motivator, and a fun way to get through the day!

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Hear me out on this, because believe me, you’ll make the anticipation even sexier.

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Think about the sensation of her applying VigRX Oil to your genitalia throughout the day. Remind yourself that you’re getting closer, and closer, to your agreed “bedroom rendez vous” with her, a little striptease, and VigRX Oil.

You’ll be smiling all day, believe me!