Most guys get pretty hung up on the whole length issue. After all, when you think of penis enlargement the standard measurement of large is nine inches. That’s length, of course. But according to this blogger, it’s width that’ll have her gasping in the sack.

We don’t disagree with that. And the penis enlargement techniques throughout this website are great for size in general, be it length or girth.

The blogger also points out that condom choice is largely determined by width. Choose a bigger condom than your manhood can wear and it’ll sag at the end. And that’s just no fun.

We’re also intrigued by the standard litmus test to choose condom size. He mentions the toilet paper roll test, in which the male inserts his erect dong into the cardboard roll. A penis that doesn’t touch the sides is a slim fit. If it fits perfectly you’re a regular-sized condom. And for those of us who, dog gone it, can’t get our penis to fit into a cardboard roll, it’s time for a jumbo.

And yet, while the blog acknowledges that a man of width is more likely to hit her pleasure spots, as most of the nerve endings are only one to three inches inside her aroused vagina, look further down the post and you’ll see a chart of what women say is the ideal penis size.

For length, between seven and just over eight inches. And slightly over six inches in width.

These are “ideal” measurements, as he indicates. Average penis size, being five to six and a quarter inches in length, and between four and half and five inches in width, is noticeably smaller.

Still, the numbers don’t lie. Women really do like a bigger penis. Take that as you may, it’s easier to get her motor revving when you’re happy with what you’ve got.