I’m a firm believer that the penis can do awesome things, if given the chance.

What’s the best way to train for a marathon? Not by running for seven days a week, but by mixing your running with similar endurance workouts, like cycling, swimming and rollerblading.

By cross-training before a marathon you’re staying in peak shape, boosting endurance and working the muscles that you’ll be using on the big day. But you’re also minimizing your chances of injury from overuse. Cross-train for a marathon and you keep your body and mind in optimum form.

Guess what? The penis is no different. You’ve got goals. You want to add, say, two inches to your penis. So you choose your method and roll with it.

But you can increase your chances of boosting size and sexual health by cross-training your penis.

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That sounds kinda fun, doesn’t it?

Put another way, with ProExtender System, you’ll have a large penis, capable of extended, multiple orgasms. You’ll have a huge tool and the goods to back it up.

What I like about this approach though is that you’re targeting different functions. You’re keeping your penis in awesome shape, but not over-straining.

I don’t agree with using multiple traction-based techniques at the same time. For example, exercising your penis after wearing an extender for ten hours a day is too much strain. And as some extenders supplement their product with online exercise memberships, you’ll want to steer clear of these.

With ProExtender System you’re making your penis bigger with a safe, comfortable and proven device, and rewarding yourself with enhanced sexual health and huge orgasms.

But the best part of this approach is the timing. The Semenax and VigRX Pills have kicked in by the time you’re finished with the extender. The result is a massive penis capable of the best sex you’ve ever had.

If only all cross-training were this fun…