Ah testosterone.  The guy hormone.  Testosterone makes us men and gives us muscles, hairy chests, manly voices and that undeniable desire to get out there and procreate.  God bless it!

From a male enhancement perspective, a healthy dose of testosterone ensures good lovin’, with a large and thoroughly enjoyable erection and the stamina to back it up.  Biology loves testosterone, and so do we.

And here’s an interesting tip you can throw around at cocktail parties.  You can gauge a man’s testosterone levels by the difference in length between a man’s ring and index fingers.  The longer his ring finger than his index, the more testosterone he was exposed to in his mother’s womb.

See for yourself:


So if testosterone is such a great thing, lots of it is even better, right?  Um, not really.

We’re comic book fans here, and being guys, we like to see things shown in ways we can relate to (or in a few highly disturbed cases, fantasize about).

Case in point.  Too much testosterone does some pretty wild things:


Classic moment in an under-rated movie.

All kidding aside, there is such a thing as too much testosterone.  According to a 1999 study published in The Journal of Behavioural Health, men with too much testosterone are more likely to take unnecessary risks, smoke, be unemployed, remain single, commit crime and generally go postal.

You’re not gonna turn into a raging 15 foot tall green monster with too much testosterone, and it’s doubtful you’ll hurl a 60-ton tank anytime soon.  Frankly, it’s more common to suffer from too little testosterone than too much.

As you’ll read here, testosterone production peaks in your 20′s, and slowly tapers off from there until your mid 50′s, when the effects become more noticeable:


Too little testosterone can lead to reduced sex drive and erectile dysfunction.  Too much isn’t good for your health either.

You’re shooting for a healthy range.  In scientific terms, that’s 400 to 600 nanograms per deciliter.

Our point?  Watch your hormone levels, especially as you get older.  The article says you should monitor your testosterone every five years after 35 and we’re inclined to agree.  Keep testosterone in that healthy range, and you’ll age better and keep your sex drive up and running in the process.