Brace yourself guys for a shocker of epic proportions: up to twenty-five per cent of senior men suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Shocker huh? We’re kidding. If you’ve spent even two minutes on this website you’ll note that we’ve spent the better part of two years trying to educate men about the issues that affect sexual health and function, whether related to age or just what you were born with.

This stat is from My Health News Daily, by the way, and it’s a statistic that, judging from numerous scientific studies about erectile dysfunction, we’re inclined to agree with.

The most common reason men get hit with ED? They tend to fall into two categories. Among the first, are health reasons, including diabetes, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, prostate surgery and alcohol and drug abuse.

The second cause of erectile dysfunction is psychological. In that camp you’ll find stress, anxiety over performance, feeling unattractive to your partner and depression. Kinda hard to get it up when you’re feeling blue.

So…what’s a good treatment for erectile dysfunction?

You know where we stand with this. To treat ED, we’d shy away from Viagra and prescription ED pills, which are nothing other than an ‘erection-on-demand’ at twenty bucks a hit and have no long-term beneficial impact on sexual health or ability to get an erection.

Instead, we’d go with VigRX Plus.

Think about it, herbs used for thousands of years to infuse the male anatomy with health and ability to have and keep a larger, harder erection and with the staying power to match. Like it.

Now think how, when the results kick in, usually within three months, you’ll have an increased interest in sex and will basically feel like getting your love on with your parter and/or suitable mating companion every two minutes. Love it.

Finally, consider that having a proven herbal Viagra with medical endorsement, clinical studies to back it up and a live 24/7 customer support team to answer any questions or concerns you have is your reassurance. Your ‘edge’, so to speak, to keep those psychological issues away so you’re free to focus on what matters – sex.

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