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Suffice to say, there are several ways to add size…but sewing dominoes into the penile tissue just ain’t one of’em. Yet that’s exactly what three Hispanic inmates recently did in the United States. And the results? Um…

Let’s just say that researchers just published a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine on these geniuses. The aptly named and serious-sounding “Subcutaneous Penile Insertion of Domino Fragments by Incarcerated Males in Southwest United States Prisons: A Report of Three Cases” pretty much sums up what went down.

Personally, we think the researchers should be more interested in examining the brain tissue of any individual who would insert a filed-down domino into their Johnson with a ball point pen. They were thinking that…what…these inanimate foreign objects would mysteriously, like, become penile tissue?

As you might imagine, the three rocket scientists were quickly infected and required surgical removal of these “inanimate objects”. And it’s probably not an extraordinary leap to conclude that their reputation in the American penal system took a slight beating.

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