Don’t tell the leading lady of your life, but it turns out the nightly blowjob she’s giving you might have some nasty consequences. According to this blog post, there’s a link between oral sex and throat cancer that’s raised a few eyebrows in health circles.

As the researchers put it, rates of throat cancer have “increased significantly” over the past 20 years. The reason? Genitals infected with HPV can transfer the virus over to the throat of said blowjob-giver.

The researchers based their findings on analysis of tumor samples from 271 patients with specific kinds of throat cancer diagnosed between 1984 and 2004. Among their discoveries, the virus was present in 16% of samples from the 1980s, but in 72% of cases after 2000.

But before you head for the hills with a shot gun for fear of the Armageddon that might ensue from millions of Americans not getting their nightly ritual with The Tonight Show, realize that HPV is a vaccine-preventable virus.

This gives you roughly three options. You can a) lament the passing of the world as you knew it, shave your head and join a monastery near you to greet the end of days with a clean slate, b) get vaccinated against HPV, or c) continue as you were.

Risks involved with the third option? A roughly 0.000026% likelihood your lady develops a lump in her throat.

As you were.