Happy New Year!

OK so we’re technically in February, and hence forth, we’ve had a month to adjust to the year that is 2012. The year is full of potential, the Super Bowl is coming up, and it’s a great time to set goals and work your butt off to make them happen.

This being a male enhancement blog, most of our readership has a specific goal in mind. Well two actually, the first is to have awesome, toe-curling, intense and very rewarding (and frequent!) sex, the natural way, with proven herbal supplements for men.

And the other? They want a bigger penis, in which case, they’re on the right website. We’ve reviewed pretty much every male enlargement technique and product out there. Yet we always come back to three.

We’re in 2012 gentlemen – a great year to set goals, work hard to reach them and maybe even have a little sex in the process. And if penis size affects you, and you want to make your penis bigger, do it with one of these products:

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Erection Fitness – A close second to ProExtender System, Erection Fitness is a penis exercise system. We like it because, unlike many penis exercise systems *cough PENIS ADVANTAGE cough*, it’s a safe system that actually walks you through the entire process and wisely offers a daily log to monitor your progress.

VigRX Plus – Technically this is more of a male libido supplement – albeit the best one out there – but VigRX Plus users consistently report they get a larger erection with VigRX Plus and with the stamina to go on for hours. A bigger erection and better use of it. We like very much.