Uh, this is one way to almost join the Mile High Club, albeit with some, well, armed consequences.

This past week, two flights within the United States received some rather unforseen assistance in landing. That “assistance” came in the form of two F-16s for both flights, after authorities received word that several passengers were taking a curiously long time in the bathroom.

On one flight, three passengers raised more than a few eyebrows after repeated trips to the rest room on the American Airlines plane from Detroit to New York.

And the second? A Frontier Airlines flight bound for Detroit originating from – wait for it – Denver Colorado.

Passengers and crew became suspicious after three passengers on the Frontier flight, two men and a woman, spend a little too much time in the lavatory. And the men went there at the about the same time.

A similar situation played out on the American Airlines flight, with the added suspense of what appeared to be hand gestures by three passengers who made their trips to the rest room in unison.

On both flights, the extended lavatory visits raised more than a few eyebrows. NORAD scrambled a pair of F-16s to shadow both planes until they safely landed. And fortunately, both planes did just that.

Turns out that on each of the flights, the passengers who made the extended bathroom breaks simply weren’t feeling well. But citing law authorities, ABC News reported that passengers were “making out” in the rest room and maybe on their way to the, well you know, the Mile High Club.

And what better way to join the Mile High Club than on a plane from the Mile High City?

If you’ve perused this blog before, you know we’ve blogged about the Mile High Club. In most cases, we think it’s a pretty darn cool club to join, because it adds the element of suspense to making love. Sometimes slightly risky sex is what a couple needs to come closer together.

Because, let’s be honest, there are a whole lot of bedrooms in the U.S. and around the world in which the passion is missing, be it from biology or simply from the doldrums of routine.

Heck, look at sales of VigRX Plus – guys know that they need to put effort into their sex lives and they’re doing it with help from an herbal Viagra. Safer and more effective than pharmaceuticals, we think that’s cool.

And we think the Mile High Club is an ambitious and prestigious club to join. But uh, maybe slip the stewardess a note with a fifty spot to clarify what’s going on in there :)