In this modern world, it is quite tough to call yourself a man. At the present, there are many different standards most men tend to believe and follow. One of these beliefs is that a real man should have a penis with a good size and circumference. This is the reason why male enhancement exercises are getting popular.

There are actually many different exercises a man can choose in order to make his penis become more enhanced such as:


The human skin is stretchable although it comes with some limits. As the penis is covered with skin, it is only expected that it can be stretched as well. Stretching means making something longer without shattering it. For penis stretching, a man will hold the penis far from the body for a few seconds.

Primarily, this exercise is done in order to increase the length of the penis. Medically, the explanation as to why stretching can lead to a lengthened penis is how the tissues become stressed, which divides the cell. There are actually many techniques when it comes to penis stretching. However, here is a basic thing on how you can do it:

Before doing this, you need to ensure that your penis is not in an erect position.

Stretch your penis far away from your body ensuring that you are still comfortable while doing it. Do not stretch it while in pain. Hold this for about 20 seconds.

Repeat this 15-20 times.

This is just a basic direction on how you can use stretching as part of your male enhancement exercises. Some men actually employ additional techniques like stretching the penis from left to right. As for its effectiveness, a lot of men have actually testified that it is effective. Basically, stretching is a primary component when one decides to masturbate the penis. Have you ever considered why masturbation is popular? Aside from the sexual pleasure, many men actually believe that it can contribute to penis enhancement. Moreover, it is also important that this exercise should be done often. Studies have shown that shrinking of the penis happens as one starts to grow older, growing older means less sex, which means less use of the penis. So, do this exercise habitually while also ensuring that you use your penis for sex.


If in stretching it means doing it with a un-erect penis, in jelqing an almost erect penis is the key. Basically, jelqing the penis works the same ways as milking an animal say a cow. In milking a cow, you have to grip the base of the nipple with your thumb and index finger. Then, you start pushing the nipple away from the body. In jelqing, instead of doing it on the nipple, you do it on the penis. The purpose of this natural enhancement exercise is to let the blood flow to the head of the penis.

The penis has many different chambers. In doing the jelqing exercise, these different chambers will be supplied with blood, which ensures expansion. Penis enhancement is not all about its length but also its circumference. Jelqing will ensure that your penis is of good circumference.

There are many variations in using the jelqing exercise on your penis. This will be dependent on how long you have been using the exercise and how you think it has been helping you. There are actually many available tutorials that can help you to create more variations on your jelqing exercise.

Kegel Method

One of the best proven methods when it comes to penis enhancement is the use of the kegel exercise method. This is actually more effective after one has done using the jelqing and stretching method. However, this is more easily done than the two exercises. A man will only have to bend the base muscle of the penis and to keep bending it for a few seconds. This will ensure a strong erection.

Stretching, jelqing and the kegel method are just few of the many enhancement exercises a man can do to help solve his penis problems. However, there are still other methods you can use after doing the above exercise such as:


Edging will be one of the best exercises you can include with your other natural exercises. Basically, edging is done in a manner on how one masturbates. However, the catch is one will have to stop before ejaculation happens. Then, this will be repeated a few times. How will this help to ensure a fully enhanced male organ? Aside from the way it can supplement for the penis to grow with the added help of the kegel method, stretching, and jelqing, it can help in making the penis harder and improve one’s endurance.


Ballooning works similarly as how edging works. However, many men consider this exercise more fun. Actually, many men consider this exercise as a way of keeping the enhanced status of the penis. The difference between ballooning and edging is that although they basically work by sexually pleasing the penis in order to make it become erect, ballooning is done in a manner of not caressing the penis vertically. One will have to find other ways of making it erect. One is also not allowed to ejaculate even after one is done with the ballooning exercise. This is the reason why this method is quite hard to master. There are also many different feedback for this method. Some men complain that it is quite difficult to hold the ejaculation making them suffer while there are some men who like it because it can give them their needed sexual excitement.

There are actually some men who prefer going under the needle compared to practicing male enhancement exercises. Well, medically enhancing the penis works fast. However, there are many negative effects attached to it. There are also men who prefer using stimulants to replace these exercises but many side effects have already been reported by a lot of users that the Food and Drug Administration has been recalling it. Of course, there are still supplements you can use, but you have to be very careful on what you take in. Still, natural exercises are still the best as it is the safest way possible for a man to have an enhanced penis.