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The Three Best Penis Enlargement Products for 2012

Happy New Year! OK so we're technically in February, and hence forth, we've had a month to adjust to the year that is 2012. The year is full of potential, the Super Bowl is coming up, and it's a great time ...

Men Don’t Think About Sex Every Seven Seconds

Break out your calculator. We'll analyze this together. No, we're not talking about penis size, though you'll invariably find information throughout this website on how to make your penis bigger. Today we're about to debunk the myth that guys think about ...

Custom-Sized Condoms Soon On the Way

Been doing the ProExtender System boys? If yes, you've more inches. And now, you've got protection. According to this article, custom-sized condoms have been available for two years. But now they're legal...in Europe. Those Europeans. Always so far ahead... For us post-ProExtender folks, ...