If you’ve perused this blog you’re aware that we advocate for natural treatment for men and their ability to have regular and very satisfying sexual encounters. You live once. Might as well get plenty of sex out of it, yes?

And premature ejaculation is a common problem among men. Estimates suggest that between 20% to 38% of men go out quicker than they’d like. Quick is defined as less than two minutes, by the way. And men who do the premature thing often last just 36 seconds.

So recent news that a new procedure, announced at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, would surgically freeze the overactive nerves believed responsible for premature ejaculation was heralded as a new standard of treatment by some in the field.

Yet some medical experts aren’t so sure.

The procedure involves freezing the penile nerve tissue, done with a narrow tube inserted in the skin near the belly button. Doctors painstakingly guide the tube down to one of the two dorsal penile nerves – common culprits for premature ejaculation. The team then freezes the nerve, and the problem’s solved. Or so they say.

Researchers tested the technique on 24 men with PE. The men lasted 36 seconds on average before treatment, and 110 seconds (roughly two minutes) three months after they’d done the procedure.

Based on these findings, some in the industry believe the procedure, which costs about $3,500 and takes 45 minutes, will become the new standard to treat the condition. Others question the long-term effects of destroying one of the only two nerves in this area of the penis.

Observers also point out that after three months, some of the men reverted back to early ejaculation.

Which is why we believe that the best way to treat premature ejaculation and achieve orgasm control and make sex what is should be is with proven herbals and botanicals. Ancient wisdom and understanding of the male anatomy, as opposed to an experimental procedure with questionable safety.

Wanna treat premature ejaculation? Do it naturally. Try Semenax which, with l-arginine, zinc oxide and muira pauma is a proven (and uh, just a little more enjoyable!) way to ejaculate when you choose, with larger volume and an orgasm to die for.

We’ll take that over a tube inserted in our nether region any day.