Now here’s a guy who takes male enhancement just a little too seriously.

I’ll summarize it for you. Guy is unhappy with the size of his penis. Guy has penis enhancement surgery. Guy is unhappy with the results. Guy mails a bomb to the surgeon. Then guy feels bad and calls 911 to report the bomb. Guy sentenced to four years in prison.

See for yourself:

Truly genius. Hey buddy, I got a bridge I can sell ya when you get out of the big house.

I told y’all that penis enhancement surgery doesn’t work!

Well that’s not totally true. Operations for widening the penis, while painful, expensive and risky, can help in some situations.

But penis lengthening surgery is another matter. This form of surgical torture includes the very real risk of never getting it up again and slicing your penis open with a scalpel for results that over 70% of patients are unhappy with – an inch. If you’re lucky.

By the way, you just paid five grand for your ordeal. Surgery botched and now you can’t get it up? Sucks to be you.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m at a loss why someone would actually pay a doctor five grand to cut your penis open and risk never having sex again for an extra inch on your penis when there are safer and cheaper permanent solutions available.

I’ve blogged about this before, and I’ll say it again. You can have a substantially larger penis for under a hundred bucks. Without surgery and the risks that come with it.

If you’re new to male enhancement I recommend Erection Fitness because it’s a proven and safe program that uses only safe exercises. I also like that Erection Fitness comes with a good set of instructions and a daily log to monitor your progress. That’s an important point, because you’re more likely to stick with the program when you can see your gains on a regular basis.

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Exercises aren’t the only way to make your penis bigger. A good penis extender, like ProExtender System, is another proven, convenient and safe way to add inches.

But for someone new to male enhancement, with the tenacity and commitment to seeing the program through, Erection Fitness is a great place to start.

No scalpels or bombs required.