Score one for Foreskin Man.

Circumcision is a controversial topic that cuts across multiple demographics. Proponents say it reduces risk of HIV. Opponents say it’s an ethical issue.

Where ever you choose to pitch your tent, a new survey points to a startling conclusion: circumcised men are three times more likely to have trouble reaching orgasm. Yet it’s his female partner who’s at risk of the most grief, with a three-fold risk of orgasm problems and eight times more likely to experience pain during intercourse.

The culprit is a thin layer of hard skin that develops on the tip of the penis with circumcised men. This growth decreases sensitivity, meaning the man has to work harder to orgasm, with deeper thrusting movements that, well, hurt his partner.

The survey, summarized here, consisted of 5,000 sexually active Danish men and woman. Though less than five per cent of Danish men are circumcised, the survey focussed specifically on circumcised men and accounted for multiple demographic factors, including age, religious and cultural background, education, income and number of sex partners.

The one thing all circumcised men and their partners had in common? The men had problems reaching orgasm. The women had pain AND trouble with the orgasm process.

This is all according to one of the researchers, Morten Frisch of SSI, the Danish research firm that conducted the survey.

Frisch suggests that the pain that women experience with circumcised men is the gliding movement – the effects of the in and out thrusting of the man’s foreskin within the vaginal tissue. And because the men have to thrust harder to ejaculate…OUCH.

Estimates suggest that fifty per cent of American men are circumcised. If that’s true, it may shed light on why many men struggle with orgasm control. For the latter, we’d go with Semenax, as it’s a natural enhancement supplement that increases the size of ejaculate, and with consistency, provides the orgasm control for better, longer orgasms.

A bonus: snipped men may not have to thrust as hard to achieve the same effect. If that’s the case, their women would approve.