You’ve heard about oysters. You’ve done (probably more than a few!) adult movies. Then routine sets in, and the “K, let’s have sex now, I guess”. Yawn

No question about it, the familiar gets a little stale and can dampen a once crazy sex life like nothing else. But every problem has a solution right? Most of them do. That’s our thinking at least. And with these seven ways to kick start your sex drive, courtesy of the folks at, you’ll be grasping the bed sheets with alarming intensity.

Get Scared – Skip the romantic walk along the beach. Wanna do something that’ll really bring you together in some seriously sexy ways? Do something scary, like, say, bungee jumping. A study published in the Archives of Sexual Behaviour suggests that adrenaline jump starts the nervous system, much like it does during arousal. And that adrenaline makes you more attractive to her, and vice versa.

Switch to Red Wine – Yes, we know you’re a guy and you dig beer, but make the not-so-distant leap to the occasional glass of red. According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the polyphenols (an antoxidant) in pinot noir and red wines may widen the blood vessels and increase blood flow to your genitalia. That makes for some very fun times.

Do Yoga – Another good way to get the blood flowing down there, yoga gets you in touch with your body and the delights within, and with her.

Use Those Hands – Are you a handyman? If yes, good. If not, start. Use your hands to touch your lady and release oxytocin – a hormone that may assist in arousal. Hormones and arousal? There’s a leap. The key is to be spontaneous, and touch her when she least expects it.

Wear Red – More reasons to go red. A study conducted by the University of Rochester suggests that red is associated with power and status and is a major turn on for women. So slip on a red t-shirt come date night and you’ll quickly doff it in favor of activities that don’t involve clothes.

Skip the Shower (just temporarily please) – Repeated studies show that women are highly sensitive to cortisol. That’s a hormone found in human sweat. Chalk it up evolution and pheromones if you will, but sweat may boost arousal, according to The Journal of Neuroscience, and provide you with a reason to exercise and shower together. Just don’t skip the shower too often. Please. Or shower and use Nexus Pheromones. Your co-workers might prefer that.

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