Good old Chuck Darwin would smile on this one.

This is a male enhancement blog. We’re gonna take an ambitious guess that you’re interested in that other gender of the human species, and how to copulate with it. Preferably as often as possible.

Well, according to those high-spirited and fun-loving chaps at, here’s how.

The good news? Chumps rule. So do sweat and the presence of two arms and legs. Assuming they’re of the same length.

Enough banter. Here’s a summary of six curious, yet effective ways to get the girl, as proposed by the gospel according to Cracked.

Be effeminate – Metrosexuals get more lovin’. The prevailing theory is that women have been on birth control for 40 years and their ideal man has shifted in the process. Neanderthals are out. Chest-waxing, treated hair and a blurred line between what’s male and what’s female is suddenly sexy.

Don’t be good-looking – Ok, don’t be a freak, but try to be average. How’s this? You’ve seen a whole lot of average looking people in your time, and with that experience comes an good ability to judge what’s average and what sticks out. We’re not talking about what’s in your pants either. Average-looking is very attractive.

Get symmetry – We’ve all seen the studies that women like a symmetrical face and Brad Pitt is classically handsome and blah blah blah. Well, according to these guys, and recent studies, physical symmetry seems more important than facial.

Actually, this makes sense. Symmetry of the body – that’s arms and legs of the same length – have been associated with health since our cave man ancestors beat up their first wooly mammoth. That’s much harder to do with arms of different length. We think Michelangelo’s David would agree.

Sweating is good – Another throwback to Fred Flintstone and his cave man drinking buddies. Sweat contains pheromones. Those are chemical secretions emitted by living organisms to send a bio-chemical message, like “Hey baby, your cave or mine?”

Well, it turns out that women are ridiculously good at interpreting those signals…and by golly they seem to like them! Don’t take out word for it. Try it yourself – go to to learn more.

Resemble her Papa – More proof that tall dark and handsome doesn’t always get the girl. Women may like their pheromones, but there’s plenty of evidence that women (and men) go for partners that resemble their parents. Got chest hair? Back hair? If her papa has it, she might have you.

Target the ovulating – If it’s been a while since high school biology, “ovulation” is when an ovary forms an egg for a fallopian tube. Translation: for 12 to 24 hours she’s wearing beer goggles and is likely to mate with any male this side of Jupiter. She’s less picky in this brief, yet glorious moment in time, and more likely to…you know…love you.