Alex Torres had it all. Sex with lovely ladies and sky diving on weekends. As a porn star who moonlighted as a part time sky dive instructor at Taft Skydive school in California, most guys would love a gig like that.

Being a male enhancement blog, we’re constantly reminded that sex is the foundation of a healthy relationship. Couples split, marriages break, heck, guys go through hell and back if something’s not working down stairs.

So Alex Torres has a great gig. Then last week he does what most guys would donate a kidney for ten seconds of this next part: he has sex with a beautiful girl in the plane and while free-falling.

Skydiving porn star Alex Torres, AKA Voodoo gets sexy with a lovely lady while, yes, sky-diving

Sex during a sky dive. Sounds cool to us.

The trouble is, he videotaped the whole thing. Not the end of the world. Kinda hot actually. But a teenager who saw the video was angry at the girl who got her freak on with Torres. So the kid posts the video online. Of course it goes viral. And the cops come knocking.

Fast forward a few days. Torres gets fired. The girl, Hope Howell, is a secretary at the school, and the owner’s unsure whether he’ll fire her. Charges are unlikely. But because at one point, they got primal next to the pilot, the FAA is now investigating.

Before we go further, we want to clarify that safety always comes first. You can’t have sex if you’re dead, and to that end, the FAA is obliged to check out the matter.

And we understand that this wasn’t the most professional way for an employee to do things. Skydive Taft owner David Chrouch fired his porn star sky diver, and we see why he did.

But you know what? These folks did something really, really cool. How many of us can honestly say we’ve had sex in such a unique, exhilarating manner?

Sex is a celebration of life. And these guys celebrated in a way that, unfortunately, few of us will ever know (though VigRX Plus can make things pretty darn fun).

So they had sex in a plane, taped it, and continued to have sex while skydiving. Giv’em a medal, they just joined the Mile High Club! And if a few teen agers, saw the video, is seeing a couple making love mid-air worse than watching a man threaten another man’s life with a gun? We see that on TV all the time. In some cases, it’s branded as family entertainment.

Torres may be fired, and so might Hope Howell. But these two have a few clues how to celebrate life and make sex the thrill that it’s supposed to be. Here’s to a good landing, you two!