Worried that your interest in sex will decrease with the gray hairs that pop up with time? Don’t be. According to new research, men have sex on the mind right up until that last breath…though not every seven seconds, as the urban legend implies.

And on a related note, the more often senior folks do the dirty deed, the more likely they’re satisfied with how things are going and their quality of life.

In an opinion poll conducted by the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, researchers found that seniors who had sex at least once a month were 50% more likely to report they were happy compared to seniors who hadn’t done the deed in the previous year.

Even more notable, 80% of senior folks who’d got busy more than once a month were very happy with their relationship.

The findings are based on an opinion poll of 238 people aged 65 and higher, in which researchers asked participants to rate their satisfaction with life as either happy, pretty happy or not too happy.

Forty per cent of the people surveyed who hadn’t had sex in the preceding twelve months said they were generally happy. Yet, when asked about relationship satisfaction, that number almost doubled if the participant went horizontal more than once in the past month.

The bottom line? More sex enhanced quality of life – a finding that researchers presented at a meeting of The Gerontological Society of America.

The researchers hope these findings will encourage a discussion of the issues that prevent regular sex among seniors. They also note that healthy seniors tend to have more sex than those with ongoing health problems.

We think these findings highlight what we’ve said all along. Frequent sex improves quality of life.

Of course, good sex is better than the ‘grit your teeth and just do it’ kind. And as the researchers suggest, healthier seniors are more sexually active than those with ongoing health issues.

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