Pop your VigRX Plus, boys. There is sex after prostate cancer. But your post-treatment potency with this common killer is linked to your ability to get wood before diagnosis.

Yes, there is sex after prostate cancer

A new study, published in the Journal of American Medical Association, follows the coital habits of 1,027 men with prostate cancer, between 38 and 84, all of whom had undergone treatment. The researchers then tested their findings against a separate group of 1,900 men.

Among the results? A man’s odds for ‘wake-up-the-neighbors’ screamingly amazing sex were higher if he already had a killer sex life before diagnosis.

Demographics also played a large role in potency after treatment. As this article outlines, older men, whose potency was wavering before prostate cancer, didn’t fare as well as their younger counterparts or men who were otherwise healthy.

The results also depended on the kind of treatment each patient had, be it surgery, radiation or radioactive seeds. The latter had the best results, with the chances of a 60 year old man at top form post-treatment between 58% and 98%. Slimmer men fared better, as did African Americans.

Having said this, the study focussed on men in the early stages of prostate cancer and did not account for more advanced cases, which might have more limited options for treatment. And as the article notes, the study findings present what men can expect with the treatment available for their scenario rather than as a guide to choose a treatment with the greatest chance of post-treatment potency.

The bottom line is that prostate cancer kills men. Roughly 240,000 new cases are diagnosed annually. And an estimated 34,000 men will die of the disease this year.

Treatment matters gentlemen. Stay healthy, stay lean. Have plenty of sex, and if you’re unlucky enough to get hit, choose the best treatment available, regardless of post-treatment potency.

We do think it’s interesting, however, that the men who were already getting it on with regularity before diagnosis had the best chance of sex after treatment. Yet another reason why it’s a good idea to supplement your sexy side with nature’s finest herbals, for sexual health and activity to follow.

In other words, pop your VigRX Plus. Stay healthy and procreate. And you’ll be equipped to greet the future come what may.