Anything goes in an election year. And this year has yet to disappoint, but Rush Limbaugh’s recent statement that ‘feminazis’ are responsible for the average Joe’s 10% smaller penis size over the past 50 years pretty much takes the cake

Yup, it’s the feminazis. We knew it all along. There’s no other explanation.

Noted penis expert Limbaugh made his scientifically accurate proclamation in response to a comment on this study made by CBS Philadelphia which notes that, according to an Italian study, the average penis size has shrunk, perhaps from environmental pollutants.

Well heck, let’s have Rush put it in his words:

“I don’t buy this. I think it’s feminism….Has to be feminazis. I mean, the chickification, everything else.”

You tell’em Rush!

No word on if Rush has been ‘feminazified’ or if he’s in fact a hefty nine-incher. Sorry, we really had to go there.

Do we offer Rush a complimentary ProExtender System, yes or no? With all the feminazis around these days, we wouldn’t blame the guy.

Actually, on second thought, let’s give him a subscription to Penis Advantage. We’re so vindictive when we want to be.