Vivaxa Helps Some Men Improve Stamina

Vivaxa is a penis enhancement massage cream made by the same people who make Maxoderm. This is one of the few male enhancement creams with a list of chemicals in its ingredients; most male enhancement creams like this are herbal. Though there are no side effects it’s a curious choice for the company to make given many people who use such products are specifically interested in avoiding chemicals.

Product Features

Vivaxa shares product features with other, similar products:

  • Direct application
  • Condom safe

You apply Vivaxa directly to the problem area directly before sex. This means you don’t have to take pills, worry about surgery, suffer through injections or suffer through bizarre, harmful treatments that can do even more damage.


Vivaxa is supposed to be fast-acting, though in many cases it can take longer than a minute to produce an erection. Granted, that’s not the end of the world, but there are products that work faster.

Vivaxa specifically claims that it is condom safe thanks to its formula. There are no reports that either confirm or deny this claim specifically.

What Buyers Like About Vivaxa

A few buyers did have some positive things to say about Vivaxa.

  • Helps overcome endurance issues
  • Soothes over-excitement
  • No side effects

One man reported that he was able to improve long lasting endurance issues. His girlfriend greatly appreciated his improved stamina.

One man was prone to over-excitement and early orgasm. He found Vivaxa provided him with a solution for his problem.

There are no reported side-effects of using Vivaxa, though it is not safe for oral sex. Men are advised to clean Vivaxa off of their body completely before engaging in oral sex.

What Buyers Didn’t Like About Vivaxa

Buyers had several negative things to say about Vivaxa.

  • Includes chemical ingredients
  • Took longer than expected to get results
  • High prices

Vivaxa is a rarity in this market in that it includes several “unpronounceable chemical name” ingredients. Usually topical male enhancement products are herbal in nature. Even though nobody has reported side effects this may be because at least one of the ingredients is meant to reduce chemical irritation. Just because you can’t feel the damage doesn’t mean the chemical is good for you, however, and with no reliable safety standards it’s just not possible to tell.

A few guys tried Vivaxa and said it took longer than they expected to get an erection. That’s not the end of the world, but it’s one of several reasons why Vivaxa doesn’t rank higher.

Another man tried Vivaxa and said it left it wasn’t compatible with wearing a condom. He called the company as well, but said he was slow in getting through to a customer service rep. Again, not a huge deal, but it’s something to consider. In each case the men were not happy with the experience and made their views known.

At $48.32 per bottle a six month supply of Vivaxa is not cheap. In fact the leading, more reputable brands charge less than this.

Don’t hate Vivaxa though. We just believe in getting the facts out on this pretty good, just not great, men’s lubricant.


Slower than other lubes and a lackluster formula. There are chemicals in it too, meaning we’re getting away from all-natural. That’s not the end of the world, of course, and if you buy Vivaxa, you, like many guys who tried it, should get an erection and decent stamina. Try VigRX Oil and ProSolution Gel first, though.


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