Virility Ex Ain’t Quite So Virile

If you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction problems that are dragging down your sex life, it’s time to liberate yourself! There is a safe and natural way to free yourself from the stress, frustration and emotional pain that come along with failing to get erect during intercourse. Whether you suffer from weak erections or the inability to get erections at all, you need to know that help is out there, and it doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription.

When you choose a natural male enhancement supplement, such as Virility Ex pills, you should access increased blood flow to the penis, which will make it much easier for you to get strong erections that really please your partner. By choosing an alternative remedy, rather than prescription formulas that may cause adverse side effects, you’ll get safe, gentle assistance for your erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Virility-Ex is Mediocre

While Virility Ex isn’t the best formula that we’ve reviewed, it does help some men who use it. That’s why we’ve rated it eighth out of fifteen products. Just over half of all men who’ve tried this product do enjoy rock-hard erections when they use Virility Ex.

Virility EX

If you need a highly effective formula that will never disappoint, you’re probably better off choosing our number one-rated male enhancement supplement, VigRX Plus. However, if you do have a little money and time to spend experimenting with different formulas, choosing Virility Ex may make sense to you.

To help you learn more about this product, including how it works, what ingredients it contains, and how real-life guys feel about it, we’ve compiled a detailed product review. By giving you all of the facts, we will arm you with the knowledge that you need to make a wise and informed decision about which male enhancement formula is best for your personal needs.

Now, let’s take a look at how Virility Ex works and exactly what it offers to men who are suffering from male sexual dysfunction…

How Virility Ex Works

This all-natural supplement is safe and gentle to use, and it contains a combination of traditional herbal cure-alls and amino acids. These natural active ingredients support male virility by boosting blood flow to the penis. In addition, certain ingredients in Virility Ex spark the male libido, creating a more youthful sexual response.

If you’re searching for a holistic formula that gives you back the masculine edge that time took away, this supplement may work for you. Since the product does get mixed results, we can’t recommend it wholeheartedly. However, for some men who use it, Virility Ex does perform according to its manufacturer’s claims.

According to the manufacturer, Virility Ex will provide the following benefits…

Specific Benefits of Virility Ex

  • Erections which are easier to get and maintain
  • Harder erections
  • More sexual control and stamina
  • A stronger male libido
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Better climaxes

Most male enhancement products do promise these benefits to men who use them. However, all of these erectile dysfunction treatments are not created equal. To find out exactly how this product measures up to the hype, we’ve compared positive and negative reviews of Virility Ex.

What Men Like about Virility Ex

Guys who do get good results from Virility Ex don’t rave about the product or leave ultra-glowing testimonials online. This product doesn’t measure up to the best male enhancement supplements in the world, such as VigRX Plus or ProSolution. However, men who are somewhat happy with Virility Ex do find that it helps them to get erections and to enjoy sex that is more spontaneous and pleasurable.

However, good results attained through the usage of Virility Ex tend to be a bit unpredictable. Men reported that they got erections sometimes, but failed to get erect at other times, even when they took the formula regularly. Therefore, choosing this natural supplement may be viewed as a bit of a gamble.

What Men Don’t Like about Virility Ex

Men who don’t like Virility Ex are derisive with regard to the product’s efficacy. In fact, they find it to be fundamentally useless. Most men who leave negative reviews for the product feel ripped off and “scammed” by the makers of Virility Ex. While it is possible to get your money back when you buy this product, you will lose the shipping fees that you paid to have the product sent to your home. In the long run, it’s probably better to choose a five-star rated formula that is unlikely to disappoint. The chances of having a bad experience with Virility Ex are just too high.


Virility Ex works for about half of guys who use the product, which is why we’ve ranked it eighth. We can’t recommend Virility Ex because you’ve got a 50% chance you’ll be one of the unlucky ones. The price won’t hurt your pocket book, fortunately, so if you’re on a budget, you might consider Virility Ex. If it works, great. If not, you know where to look for a top-rated male libido pill.

Virility EX

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