SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement System is Pretty Good

According to the makers of the SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement System, this unit functions as a “weight trainer” for your penis, thereby dramatically boosting its length and girth. However, according to guys who’ve actually shelled out their hard-earned money for the product, it doesn’t do as much for penis size that will lead to superior self-confidence and incredible sexual performance. Because this product is a little over-hyped, we’re giving it a lower, three-star rating.

Size Genetics

The manufacturers of this “penis enlargement system” have a lot to say about their product. They make marketing claims that don’t necessarily stand up to cold, hard facts. According to these claims, the Size Genetics Penis Enlargement System will cause tiny “micro-tears” in the penis, triggering plenty of cell duplication. After the penis heals, it will be bigger, firmer, and more able to handle increased blood flow.

The makers of the product say it’s a miracle solution for a small penis (and for subpar sexual performance). However, some guys called it a penis enlargement scam. Since this penis enlargement kit costs a painful four hundred dollars, you may be better off with one of our higher rated penis extenders.

More Expensive and Smaller Results

Although the creators of this system do offer a money-back guarantee, less shipping costs, there’s not much point in plunking down so much cash for a product that doesn’t grow your penis or give you the rock-hard erections that you need to feel like a real man in bed.

Products that cost a fraction of what the SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement System do may offer more noticeable benefits. The best product of this type that we’ve reviewed is definitely the ProExtender, which is simple to use and so easy to enjoy. If you’re seriously interested in getting the penis of your dreams, you’ll be much better off buying a ProExtender device via the World Wide Web.

Specific Benefits of the SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement System

SizeGenetics makes the following claims. Some are substantiated, others are not:

  • Increased penis length
  • Thicker penis girth
  • Rock-hard erections
  • More blood flow to the penis
  • Better sexual performance
  • Less premature ejaculation
  • More powerful orgasms

Pretty much every size-related enhancement product on the planet makes these claims as well. While it’s not impossible you’ll experience some of these benefits with SizeGenetics, most guys did not.

What Men Like about the SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement System

There are some reports that SizeGenetics increased penis size (hooray!). They weren’t huge increases, but they do exist, and that made a difference for some men. However, we’ve yet to receive proof that SizeGenetics led to better performance and that extra confidence that having a larger penis can provide.

What Men Don’t Like about the SizeGenetics Penis Enlargement System

While the official website for this penis enlargement system makes it seem like the greatest penis enlargement kit in the world, the reality is somewhat different. A few men used words like “disappointed” and “angry”.

Since men need to spend weeks using the system before they know whether or not it works, they’re often annoyed by the time they finish using the system. After many days of effort, they’re not seeing the bigger penis they were promised. Some men found that the SizeGenetics system made them feel sore, tender, and irritated “down there”.

Does this mean you shouldn’t try SizeGenetics? We’ll let you make that call. Their track record’s not stellar, but it’s not the worst of the worst. You might see a difference, but you’ll need plenty of patience.


We can’t in good faith recommend SizeGenetics, since there really aren’t enough consumer reviews with positive results to show. We also think the product is a little hyped. The bottom line is this: if you buy SizeGenetics and wear it for the recommended time, you might see a difference. Your third choice for a penis extender.

Size Genetics

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