Performer5 Supplement Won’t Dramatically Increase Semen Volume

If you’re searching for a dietary supplement that will increase your sperm production and give you access to the most impressive ejaculations, you should probably stay away from Performer5. While this supplement (which is purported to boost semen volume dramatically) works for a few men who try it, it definitely disappoints some men who take it.

Performer 5

Rather than investing in this subpar product, which we’ve rated a low, “two stars”, you should spend your hard-earned money on a supplement that really delivers the goods. Performer5 lands lower on our list of semen volume pills. After researching and testing the product, we’ve placed it at number four out of five semen volume products.

Performer5 Doesn’t Have the Right Active Ingredients for Superior Semen Volume

The best semen volume pills contain a range of natural extracts that boost the body’s ability to produce tons of thick, creamy ejaculate. However, whether a product will work as described really depends on which ingredients are used and just how pure these active ingredients really are.

In the case of the Performer5 semen volume supplement, the ingredients used by the manufacturer, which include Zinc, L-Argnine and DL-Malic Acid, just don’t seem to have what it takes to amplify semen production. While these ingredients are very safe, natural and healthy, they simply fail to deliver the desired end results. It seems that the creators of this product need to tweak their formula, because men all over the World Wide Web are complaining about Performer5 and its distinct failure to perform.

Since this is a fair and impartial review, let’s take a look at what the makers of Performer5 promise to their customers…

Specific Benefits of Performer5 Semen Volume Supplement

According to the creators of Performer5, this product is miracle supplement that will change men’s sexual performance as long as they continue taking it. Available in convenient tablet form, this product is a breeze to use, and it may be ordered online, from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Marketing claims attributed to Performer5 make it sound like the ultimate sex aid for men who want impressive erections, massive semen volume, and better sexual performance.

When you use Performer5, you might enjoy:

  • Better semen volume
  • Ejaculations that produce thicker, more viscous semen
  • Rock-hard erections
  • Powerful orgasms
  • Better sexual control
  • More sexual self-confidence
  • Gentle, natural care that is safe for your body

Unfortunately, the reality of what this product can do just doesn’t live up to the hype. In fact, based on men’s real-life experiences with this dietary supplement, it’s actually a bit of a dud. Men just don’t enjoy the benefits that are promised, and some are actually pretty bitter about investing their money in this product.

Let’s take a closer look at what customers have to say about Performer5 semen volume pills…

What Men Like about Performer5

The few men who report any positive benefits from using Performer5 are still not crazy about the product and what it delivers. These guys report some modest increases in semen volume; however, they don’t experience the explosive ejaculatory power that they were expecting. Some men found that the product did make them feel a bit more potent in bed; however, some felt that this was simply a “placebo effect”. In a nutshell, this product underperforms, even for men who get some benefits from using it. Therefore, it’s really not a semen volume supplement that we can stand behind.

What Men Don’t Like about Performer5

Guys who don’t like the product said it did little to increase their volume. Obviously, these men are less than enthused about having invested their cash in a product that did almost nothing for them. Certain men who left Performer5 reviews were angry enough to seek out refunds. Typically, men who disliked the product complained that they needed to take pills for weeks before discovering that the product was not effective, and they resented the time and effort that they wasted testing out the supplement.


Now that you know more about Performer5, you’ll be ready to decide if it’s right for you. Possibly, we’ve given you some hard facts to steer you away from this less-than-stellar formula. We’re not saying it’s impossible to get good results with Performer5. We’d put twenty bucks on it, though, that you’ll happier with Semenax.

Performer 5

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