The Penis Access System
Just Doesn’t Live up to the Hype

The makers of the Penis Access System promise a lot; however, some customers just don’t feel that this penis enlargement system lives up to its marketing claims. This penis enlargement program features a series of penis exercises that are purported to boost penis length and girth without contraptions, pumps or gadgets. The Penis Access System certainly sounds like a good deal. However, in terms of what it provides to men, many called it “sub-par”.

All Penis Enlargement Programs are Not Created Equal

All penis exercise systems that are designed to give men bigger penises (and better sex lives) are definitely not the same. Some systems have the right exercises and training instructions, and some really miss the mark. When it comes to growing your own penis the safe, healthy and natural way, you may be better off choosing a penis enlargement product that gets rave reviews from customers.

Unfortunately, the Penis Access System just doesn’t have the power to make a measurable difference in the way that your penis looks and feels, so it never gets the glowing testimonials that better penis exercise programs do.
Since most men who try the Penis Access System feel let down by it, we’ve been forced to give this particular system a low, two-star rating. That means that it’s #4 on our list of the top five penis enlargement exercise programs.

What’s the Inside Scoop on Penis Access?

The manufacturers of this system promise men safe and permanent size gains with just a few minutes of “working out” each day. Each Penis Access package includes videos (online or DVD) that demonstrate the ins and outs of exercising the penis to improve its length and thickness. The creators of Penis Access claim that men will gain one to three inches in length just by sticking with the program. However, most men who do these exercises find them a little bit difficult to master.

It’s possible that the DVD/online videos included in the program just aren’t as easy to follow as they should be. Sometimes, instructional videos lack the clear-cut training that is needed, and this seems to be the case here. At the same time, it’s entirely possible that this program just doesn’t feature the right exercises for “big-time” penis growth. Since results from using the system are low across the board, it’s safe to say that something is missing from this penis exercise program.

What Penis Access Promises

According to marketing claims, men who utilize this system, which is one hundred percent safe and natural to use, will access pain-free penis exercises that:

  • Increase penis length
  • Boost penis girth
  • Improve blood flow to the penis for harder erections
  • Improve the quality of orgasms
  • Cause powerful, impressive ejaculations
  • Improve sexual stamina and enjoyment

Now that we know what the product promises, how does it really measure up? To find out, let’s compare positive and negative product reviews from real-life guys…

What Men Like about Penis Access

Men who do enjoy the program and what it delivers are in the minority, as this penis exercise system tends to disappoint. However, now and then, men do report size gains of up to two inches while using the product. The problem with Penis Access is that it doesn’t seem to produce permanent gains in length or width, unlike other, more highly-rated penis enlargement systems.

If you’re looking for a larger penis that stays big over the long term, you may be better off choosing a more effective solution. Some men who use the product feel that it does make sex more pleasurable. They enjoy better sexual performance while they use Penis Access. Again, these results are not permanent.

What Men Don’t Like about Penis Access

Some guys who used Penis Access called it a “scam”. We wouldn’t go quite that far but the results aren’t noteworthy. There were enough reports from guys who said the exercises were ineffective for us to take notice. That certainly did nothing for their sexual performance, nor their self-esteem. That’s why we can’t really recommend this product. While there is always a chance that the Penis Access System will deliver for you, we think you’ll do better with some of the proven, top-rated penis exercise systems.


There are some reports that Penis Access increased penis size, but they’re overshadowed by too many experiences from men who saw little to no increases in size with this product. Concerns of safety were also an issue. You’re in the market for a penis exercise system that’s safe and effective and, ultimately, gives you a bigger penis. Try one of our top-rated penis exercise systems and you may have better luck.

Penis Access

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