Maxoderm Topical Male Enhancement

Maxoderm is a topical cream designed to be rubbed directly into the penis for harder erections and more pleasurable sex. L-arginine in the bottle is meant to increase nitric oxide in the erectile tissues, resulting in greater blood flow and a better erection. Maxoderm claims to provide lasting results over time and with regular maintenance.

Product Features

Maxoderm offers a few features to buyers.

  • Discreet packaging
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Maintenance program for longer lasting results

Maxoderm, like many other male enhancement products, does take steps to guard the privacy of the men who order the product. They use a discreet name on the credit card statement and they use plain brown packaging. The labeling provides no clues about what’s inside.


There are no harsh chemicals in Maxoderm. The ingredients are all natural and safe. There are no known side effects from using Maxoderm.

Users get some results after the first application, but they are encouraged to follow a rigorous 12 week program followed by a regular maintenance program for long-term results. Maxoderm does not promise permanent results, just long-term results if men use the product regularly.

What Buyers Like About Maxoderm

Some buyers did like Maxoderm.

  • More confidence in bed
  • Fast acting

When Maxoderm works, it works fast. Some men see results on the very first application of the product. Application is very easy as the product is simply massaged into the penis prior to sex. There are no pills to take and there’s no exercise program. This product can help men avoid painful surgery or more dangerous methods of increasing their sexual performances.

One 57 year old man reported a confidence boost in bed after a long dry spell with his wife.

One man reported better results with Maxoderm than he got with pills.

Maxoderm is one of the few products in its class that does not rely on ginseng to get results, making it one of the alternatives for men who do not respond well to ginseng. However, there are one or two other products like this on the market that are available for less.

What Buyers Didn’t Like About Maxoderm

There were a few complaints about Maxoderm that buyers need to take into consideration.

  • Customer service and billing issues
  • Heavy pressure to take the auto-ship option
  • Non-disclosure of auto-ship
  • Weak ingredients
  • High prices

One man reported that Maxoderm degraded his normally reliable condom to the point where it broke during sex.

Customer service was slight issue. Some guys felt Maxoderm was quick to take their money and slow to give refunds when requested. Not a lot of guys in this camp, but a notable few.

One man reported being pressured to take the auto-ship option. Customer service was slow when he didn’t want to take it.

One man was placed on the auto-ship program without his consent. It took 4 weeks for him to get a refund. He only got 1/3rd of what he should have received. He was told to take it up with the credit card company, who sided with Maxoderm.

One man reported unauthorized charges to his credit card after simply accepting a free sample of Maxoderm purchased during a telemarketing call. He was unsuccessful in getting the charges reversed. Fortunately it was for just a single bottle of the product.

The L-arginine in Maxoderm is relatively weak compared to competitor brands. This makes Maxoderm quite a bit less effective. It’s watered down by sunflower seed oil and a few other ingredients.

It’s also worth noting that Maxoderm is more expensive than leading competitor brands. $48.32 per bottle is pretty steep.

My Personal Recommendation

My personal recommendation would be to go for VigRX Oil first, and ProSolution Gel second. Maxoderm isn’t a total write-off – some guys said it was a good gel and were happy with their purchase. It’s just not your first pick. Does this leave you on the fence? I’ll give it a moderate approval.


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