Instant Performer: Quick Success?

Instant performer is a “quick fix” for erectile dysfunction, according to the manufacturer’s claims. This topical solution, when applied to the affected area, is supposed to produce “raging erections” instantly, in forty seconds or less. This cream also claims to give men “double strength orgasms.”

Product Features

Instant Performer offers several features that are similar to other products in its class.

  • All natural ingredients
  • No side effects
  • No pills or prescriptions

Instant Performer is made of L-arginine, ginseng, and pomegranate juice. These all-natural ingredients are meant to increase blood flow to the erectile tissues so that you experience a very hard erection that can last longer than normal.

Instant Performer

There is nothing in this mix that could harm most people, so there’s no surprise that there aren’t any side effects.

Obviously this system requires no pills or prescriptions, since that’s what you’d buy one of these creams to avoid. This is good since pills can be ultimately very dangerous to men and can carry many side effects.

You can wear Instant Performer discreetly shortly before having sex. This means you can hide it from your partner if you want to since you could apply it in the bathroom or while your partner is getting ready to come to bed.

What Buyers Like About Instant Performer

There were a few things buyers liked about instant performer.

  • Endorsed by adult performers
  • Harder erections

Instant Performer is “endorsed” by two adult film stars. Of course, it’s easy to pay someone to endorse a product like this, but it has served to make the product seem a little bit more credible to people. Much of the website is devoted to these endorsements.

One man did claim that he was able to get an orgasm after 8 months of complete and total dysfunction. He now claims that he is having “wild sex.”

Another man claims that he can now get as “hard as a nail.”

What Buyers Didn’t Like About Instant Performer

There were several problems with Instant Performer that you should be aware of.

  • Exaggerated claims
  • Dubious ingredient mix
  • Ineffective
  • No live customer care number

It’s pretty evident that Instant Performer makes exaggerated claims when you see promises of a rock hard erection in just 40 seconds. Instant performer claims that it can make that erection last for up to two hours, too.

It claims “double strength orgasms” which is highly subjective. There were a few good reports, but not so many.

It also claims to cure erectile dysfunction. True erectile dysfunction is usually a much deeper problem increasing the blood flow to the penis. This is just a nitrous oxide boosting solution. That can get you harder, but it can’t cure true erectile dysfunction.

One man tried to use this product to cure his erectile dysfunction and eventually realized that’s not what an enhancement cream is for. He didn’t experience an erection with Instant Performer and instead just got greasy.

Another man found that there was just no difference after using the product.

One can just take a look at the ingredients to see that this product is probably not as effective as they claim. If men could cure erectile dysfunction with simple pomegranate then they’d be buying the $10 bottle from the shelves in droves—no need for a cream that costs $31 per bottle. Granted there are some other ingredients as well.

There is no live customer care. Customers are encouraged to fill out a form on the website where they will be given a customer service ticket. They can also use a snail mail address.


Let’s clarify that you don’t treat erectile dysfunction with a lubricant right now; ED belies deeper physiological issues that can range from stress to diet and the process of aging (see our enhancement pill reviews). You use an enhancement gel for an instant hard-on, and for that, Live Performer may help, but for others it won’t.

Instant Performer

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