Will Extagen Pills Give You Stronger Erections?

If you’ve ever wondered if a natural supplement could have the power to solve your erectile dysfunction difficulties, you should know that many natural supplements do contain active ingredients that boost blood flow to the penis, thereby triggering stronger erections that are easier to get and easier to maintain. However, when it comes to Extagen pills, which are marketed as the ultimate male enhancement supplement, you may not get the product performance (and sexual performance!) that you really need.

Because Extagen pills don’t work for every guy who uses them, they just don’t have the failsafe effectiveness of other male enhancement pills that we’ve reviewed (such as #1-rated VigRX Plus pills). After researching this product’s active ingredients (and its reputation with real-life guys), we have to rank this natural, herb-based product #10 overall (out of fifteen products that we’ve looked at). Not a product you’d want to try.


Because a lot of men are disappointed by Extagen, it’s not really the best choice as a holistic treatment for erectile dysfunction. When you select this product, there will be a sixty percent chance that you’ll still suffer from erectile dysfunction and/or weak erections while using the product.

However, Extagen does work for some men who try it, so it’s not a total failure as a male enhancement supplement. Nonetheless, investing in this particular product may be perceived as a bit of a gamble, and the odds won’t really be in your favor.

How Extagen Works

Like most natural male enhancement formulas, Extagen contains a range of botanical essences, vitamins and other safe, gentle ingredients that are believed to improve the health and function of the male reproductive system. Examples of active ingredients used in Extagen include herbs, nutra-ceuticals and phyto-nutrients. These ingredients foster better blood flow to the penis. This improved blood flow makes it easier for men to enjoy rock-hard erections.

However, unlike many top-rated male enhancement formulas, Extagen just doesn’t provide the optimum blood flow that is needed to guarantee very strong erections every single time. Since Extagen is sort of ‘hit and miss”, it sometimes provides no benefits at all.

Aside from boosting blood flow to the penis in some men who use it, this product is also marketed as an aphrodisiac which resolves male loss of libido and fuels plenty of naughty fantasies. Now, let’s summarize the marketing claims made about this natural erectile dysfunction treatment…

Specific Benefits of Extagen

  • Stronger erections
  • Erections that are easier to get
  • More sexual thoughts and fantasies
  • Better sexual performance
  • More sexual stamina
  • Improved male reproductive health

As you can see, the manufacturers of Extagen promise a lot; however, they don’t necessarily deliver. To get the real skinny on whether or not this product performs, let’s compare positive and negative reviews that come from actual, real-life Extagen customers.

What Men Like about Extagen

Men who get decent results from this product do have an easier time getting erections. These guys report stronger erections as well. However, most men who’ve left positive reviews of Extagen don’t report any measurable changes to their libidos or their sexual stamina. So, it seems that this product offers some of the benefits touted by its manufacturer, but not all of them.

Based on these customer reviews, it seems like men who want help for erectile dysfunction are the best candidates for a course of therapy with non-prescription Extagen. Men who suffer from loss of libido or other male sexual performance issues should probably look elsewhere for a more useful male enhancement formula.

What Men Don’t Like about Extagen

Men don’t like the fact that this product fails to help them get or keep erections. After all, this is why most men buy the product to begin with! While Extagen is safe, healthy and gentle (and is likely to be good for your general health), it’s just not a great cure-all for erectile dysfunction. Since many men who take the product get no positive results, trying this product is probably not worth the risk. Men who didn’t get stronger erections by taking the product also complained that this supplement didn’t deliver a stronger libido or improved sexual stamina.


So many guys tried Extagen expecting better erection quality and consistency but it didn’t happen. No erection, no reward. Extagen helped a few guys get wood when required, but there was no big improvement in performance or stamina. Your decision on whether you want to try Extagen, but we’d say save your money and buy a top-rated supplement like VigRX Plus and ProSolution Pills.


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