You can find a number of options through internet or magazines and other print media about male enhancement processes if you are interesting in increasing the size of your penis for improving your performance during sexual activities in your bedroom. Some of these processes and products claim exaggeratedly about their effects but most of them fail in proving them actually.

You can find pills, exercises and various other male enhancement equipment that claim to increase the size of your penis both ways, in length and circumference. Some of them may help the users in getting their penis hardened or their problem of early ejaculation be reduced to some extent or may improve their vigor for sex or help in reducing the problem of erectile dysfunction but most of the make a temporary improvement in this regard.

You can find all of these procedures and pills on internet as well as on offline stores but you will have to be careful while purchasing them as some of them may prove to be scam. So you should know about their reliability and effectiveness before buying them. You should also consult your physician about the effect and suitability of the male enhancement products in your case as their effect can be different for every individual. They may or may not be suitable to everyone as some of these products have shown negative effects in some cases. They may carry certain side effects and other dangerous reactions that may harm more than improving the sexual problems. Some of the products and methods that can be used to enhance your male organ are being discussed in this article.

Various Male enhancement products and methods

Male enhancement supplements and pills: You can find a number of male enhancement supplements and pills in the market that claim to have natural and herbal nutritional ingredients that can help in increasing the erection power of penis by enlarging the erectile tissues in it in a natural manner. The flow of blood is increased towards these tissues to provide harder erection to the penis along with increasing its size. Yohimbe, maca root, amino acids like arginine, ginseng and nettles, vitamin B3 (niacin) and the mineral zinc are some of the commonly found ingredients in these supplements that cause this effect. All these ingredients are capable of increasing the flow of blood to your overall body which also helps in increasing your lewdness. You should go through the ingredients printed on the package and the reviews of the manufacturer before buying any supplement for you. You should also consult your doctor, to be safer, about the product you are going to buy.

Male enhancement exercises: Some experts in suggesting male enhancement solutions also recommend some exercises along with supplements to get a quicker and long lasting effect in your sexual life. But there can be some health risks attached to these exercise if they are used for long time to extend the size of your penis.

Male enhancement devices: Certain penis stretchers and extenders are also available in the market for the purpose of extending the size of your male enhancement for certain centimeters. Some people use vacuum pumps to draw blood to the penis for creating a swelling effect in it which helps in increasing its size and length both. But they may also have risks attached to them as they are used to improve the problem of erectile dysfunction. Repeatedly use of these devices can damage the tissues of the penis which may make the situation worse than earlier. So you should understand the pros and cons of all of these devices before using them to resolve your problem.

Make enhancement surgery: Surgical processes are also used to improve the erection of the penis in certain cases like defect is caused due to some injury or by birth. But surgical processes are rarely used for cosmetic purposes as it has several post operative side effects and problems that may worsen the situation instead of improving them. You should understand all the consequences before using this method for male enhancement in your case as scarring, loss of sensation, infection and loss of function are the main risks attached to this method.

Side Effects of Male Enhancement products and methods

Which ever male enhancement product or method you use for enlarging your penis or resolving the problem of erectile dysfunction but there are certain side effects that you may experience.

Prolonged erection: This side effect is generally observed with the use of male enhancement supplements and pills which can cause erection to your penis for extended time like up to four hours in some cases. This persistent agonizing erection may bother the users, though it sounds good but it can be dangerous in some cases. It is caused due to trapping of the blood in the tissues of the penis which restrains to flow out easily unless some medical care is taken. Normally these pills are made to trap the blood flow into the penis but due to uncontrollable situations this problem usually occurs with them.

Increased chances of prostate cancer: Some of the male enhancement pills and supplements have testosterone as their effective ingredient which may also help in enlarging the prostate glands increasing the risk of prostate cancer. You should go for a supplement or pills that do not contain this harmful content to reduce the chances of prostate glands enlargement and cancer.

Increased pressure on tissues: Use of male enhancement devices can impose excessive pressure on the tissue of your penis which may damage then after repeated use of the process. Use of Penis extenders or vacuum pump for this purpose can worsen the condition after the prolonged use of the device without proper guidance.

Effect on general health: The use of male enhancement supplements or pills suddenly increase the flow of blood not only in your penis but in the whole body which may create certain complications to your general health. If you already have certain health problem then this increased blood flow can be fatal if it effects to your effected part of the body.

Thus, though there are many male enhancement products and methods but you should think over the entire plus and minus points before using them.