A New Study Indicates That Drinking Pomegranate Juice May Boost Your Libido

We’ll gladly take a natural supplement to boost the sex drive any day of the week. Forget the little blue pill. Give us something natural that will have the bed rocking for hours.

So news this week out of the United Kingdom, that pomegranate juice might increase the libido is good news to us. And it makes it even easier for you to…you know, get randy with your significant other.

In the study, conducted at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, researchers had a group of 58 volunteers, all between 21 and 64, drink pomegranate juice for two weeks. The researchers gauged a variety of emotions among the subjects, including fear, guilt, shyness and confidence.

On the study’s conclusion, the researchers noticed an interesting phenomenon…testosterone levels increased. And blood pressure took a swan dive.

Testosterone is the man hormone, of course, and a surplus of it in men can thicken facial hair, deepen your voice and, very notably, boost the libido.

Is pomegranate juice the same as popping a male libido pill? Not exactly. But add it to your diet anyway. You’ll thank us in about two weeks.