Women have their own little algorithms and equations to calculate sex appeal, and if you’re, in fact, one of those guys they whisper about to their friends at the bar.

Turns out females of many species really like guys wearing pheromones

As we’ve seen, penis size is one of those factors. But before she even sets her eyes on your Johnson, there’s another factor at play. According to these good folks, it’s your smell, and specifically, the pheromones you emit, that determine whether you going home with a someone rather than a something, if at all.

Remember pheromones? They’re those chemical secretions that living organisms emit to tell any respondent with a receptacle for mating juice that you’re hot, you’re horny and if she’s lookin for love, she could do worse than pick you.

Researchers came to that rocket scientist of a conclusion at the University of Michigan upon watching the amorous habits of fruit flies. The older flies just didn’t get no respect from potential mates. Yet when they were doused with the pheromones of a younger fly – look out! Suddenly they had their choice of fruit flies to mate with. And the age of the fly didn’t matter…so long as he was covered in younger pheromones.

So, is it a huge leap for the sexy effects of pheromones to assist males that, you know, like, aren’t fruit flies?

Actually, one of the guys here had a little luck with Nexus Pheromones that he wore to a concert recently. Let’s just say, he wasn’t without a lot of choices when he went home that night. :P