How Penis Pills Work

To understand how penis pills work, it is essential to understand the erection process. The penis consists of a set of erectile tissue chambers, the corpora cavernosa, that act as reservoirs. During arousal, blood fills the corpora cavernosa. The corpora cavernosa then restricts blood from leaving these reservoirs, which thus produces and sustains your erection.

Therefore, the size of your erection depends on the amount of blood your body pumps into the corpora cavernosa, and how much blood these erectile chambers can hold. The more blood your body can pump and hold in these chambers, the larger the erection you’ll get.

Penis pills and erection supplements increase blood flow to the penis and improve the penile capacity to hold it. You can think of penis pills as stimulators, then, by pushing blood into the erectile chambers during arousal. Over time, this pressure causes the chambers to expand in width and thickness, giving you a larger erection for you and your partner to enjoy.

In addition to increasing erection size, some of the top-rated pills and supplements, such as VigRX™ Plus and ProSolution™ Pills, also consist of herbals that are proven to increase stamina, sex drive and even size of ejaculation, which leads to bigger orgasms.

VigRX™ Plus and ProSolution™ Pills also come with exercise programs to further increase penile capacity for blood, for longer, and ultimately, more enjoyable orgasms.