There’s a good variety of penis pills on the market. The basic principle of penis pills being to act as stimulators of penile tissue by pushing blood into the penis, all the pills reviewed here use natural ingredients and deliver the goods in terms of overall erection quality and enhanced stamina. All products reviewed here are also doctor-endorsed. Having said that, two products stand out a little higher than the rest. Here’s why.

VigRX Plus ProSolution Pills ExtenZe
Length Gains Up to four inches Up to three inches Up to three inches
Erection Quality Excellent Excellent Very Good
Sexual Drive Excellent Very Good Very Good
Ejaculation Quality Excellent Excellent Very Good
Ingredients Excellent Excellent Very Good
Time Required 60-90 days 90 days 8 weeks
Guarantee 60 days 6 months 60 days
Shipping Free Free $6.95
Cost (6 month supply) $64.16/Box $44.67/Box $44.33/Box
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