How Oils and Gels Work

Lubricants, oils and gels can produce a larger and firmer erection. They can also give you more control, better stamina and stop premature ejaculations.

Oils and gels, like other penis enhancement methods, increase blood flow to the penis, which in turn improves firmness and increases overall sexual health and satisfaction. By penetrating the penile tissue upon application, oils and gels quickly infuse the penis with their ingredients (most often they’re water-based and consist of natural ingredients and herbal extracts including horny goat weed, Asian red ginseng and hawthorn berry).

What makes an oil or gel particularly effective is its absorption rate. Whereas with penis pills, the penis generally absorbs five per cent of ingredients, oils and gels can provide up to 95% absorption of their nutrients directly into the penile tissue. This gives oils and gels the added bonus of immediate effectiveness.


Despite being water-based, most oils and gels work with condoms.

Choosing an effective oil or gel necessitates the same steps you’d take when choosing other penis enhancement methods. Choose a doctor-approved product, made by a company that’s been around long enough to show a proven track record of happy customers, and preferably one that offers a solid guarantee.

Additionally, choose an oil or gel containing the amino acid L-Arginine. The body converts L-Arginine to nitric oxide, which is instrumental in starting the orgasm process. Both VigRX™ Oil and ProSolution™ Gel meet this requirement.