How Penis Extenders Work

Also known and penis “stretchers”, penis extenders are a non-surgical penis enhancement option that extends, or stretches the penis by constantly applying pressure on the penis.

Consisting of a plastic ring, in which you insert the penis, and two movable metallic rods for traction, penis extenders are medically proven to extend the penis by pressure that causes penis cells to expand and divide.

The length of time spent using the device is proportionate to the length achieved, up to a certain point. This doesn’t mean that if you apply a penis extender 24/7 for two years you’ll have a three foot penis! Rather, penis extenders are proven to elongate the penis by up to several inches, usually within a six month time period.

Penis extenders are also an effective option for straightening a curved or bent penis.

While penis extenders are a proven method for elongating the penis, one should have specific criteria in mind before trying a product. Look for a doctor-approved device, such as ProExtender™, manufactured by a well-established company. All parts should be hypo-allergic and consist of medical-grade plastics to avoid getting a rash.

Penis extenders are a safe penis enhancement option provided that you follow the instructions accompanying the product, particularly when using for the first time. The sensation should be noticeable, but not painful.