Penis extenders have been around for a while, and there are several well-established companies vying to sell you what they claim is the most effective product. As with all penis enhancement products, some are more effective than others. You’re looking for a penis extender that is made of quality, medical-grade material. All three players I’ve rated here fit this criteria nicely. What separates these guys are their effectiveness, time to achieve results, the extras they’ve thrown in and the quality of the mechanism, which is very important. There’s a clear winner among these three.

ProExtender System Size Genetics X4 Labs
Length Gains Up to three inches Up to three inches Up to three inches
Effectiveness Excellent Very Good Average
Quality of Device
Excellent Very Good Average
DVDs Included?
Yes Yes Yes
Supplements Included?
Yes Yes Yes
Time Required 6-8 months 6-8 months 6-8 months
Guarantee 6 months 6 months 6 months
Shipping $12.95 Free $6.95
$299.95 $349.95 $199.95
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