How Do Penis Exercises Work?

Penis exercises employ traction to increase blood pressure to the penis. This in turn encourages mitosis (cell division) within the penile tissue, causing the penis to elongate. The principle behind penis exercises is thus similar in principle to that of a penis extender. Claims of an increase in penis size up to four inches are not uncommon, if the exercises are performed correctly and with enough regularity.

Contrary to popular belief, the penis is tissue, not a muscle, and is therefore more susceptible to injury and bruising than you might imagine. When applying penis exercises, pay close attention to the instructions provided. Most reputable penis enhancement exercise systems, including Erection Fitness™, will offer a step-by-step process, including warm-ups and an appropriate balance of exercise overload and recuperation.

Many penis exercises involve wrapping both the glans (tip of the penis) and the shaft in a hot wrap, while avoiding the scrotum, for four to six minutes and then performing a manual penis stretch. Jelquing is an exercise that uses this technique, and involves increasing blood pressure to the glans, which adds blood throughout the penis. With enough frequency, jelquing is a medically proven method of adding penile tissue to the penis.

The Kegel Manoeuver is another proven penis enhancement exercise, which involves more of a clenching movement than jelquing. The benefits of the Kegel Manoeuver include increased control of erections and ejaculations, and can help prevent premature ejaculation, although it does not directly influence the size of the penis.