Penis Enhancement: What is the Best Option?

Your penis is what makes you a man. You’ve probably had some good times with it, or at the very least, have fantasized about using it with a lucky recipient. We live in a penis dominated society. Have you ever noticed the phrase “needle-dick” carries huge, unspoken connotations with it? That’s because guys take their penis seriously. To tell a guy he has a small penis is like saying something unmentionable about a man’s mother. You just don’t do it. Not without expecting to pick your teeth off the ground shortly thereafter.

However, some guys are born with a small penis. Other guys have a respectable penis but, as they say, can’t get it up. These are real issues that men face, and frankly, despite what you expect to hear from the locker room heroes in the shower, this is not something for which you need to feel ashamed. Penis enhancement is a broad term, encompassing both penis enlargement and therapies that benefit the male reproductive system, including sperm count, load and ability to get and maintain an erection. We live in a day and age when penis enhancement can help men with either issue. Let’s take a look at the options available.


We’ll start with performance-related products. Oils and gels benefit the penis by stimulating the penile system with the various amino acids and nutrients they use for ingredients. This increases blood pressure to the penis, causing an erection. Oils and gels are an effective method to quickly produce and maintain an erection, and with enough use, come with the benefit of increased stamina, control and reduced pre-mature ejaculation.

Semen volume enhancers are another performance product that warrant attention. Unlike Viagra, which just gives the ability to produce an erection and requires a prescription, semen volume enhancers boost sperm count and increase semen loads, which translates into a longer orgasm. No complaints there huh? A good semen volume enhancer, like Semenax™, should benefit the entire male reproductive system, which in addition to boosting sperm and volume, increases overall sexual health.

Make it Bigger

Now for penis enlargement products. Enlargement pills increase the penile system’s ability to receive and hold blood. They do this with a variety of amino acids and natural ingredients. The increased blood pressure to the penis, over time, encourages cells within the penis tissue to multiply, and thus produce a larger penis. Some penis pills, including VigRX™ Plus and ProSolution™ Pills also contain herbals that increase sexual stamina and boost overall sexual health. Penis pills are a convenient way to make your penis bigger because you’ve got everything you need in one capsule.

Then you’ve got penis exercises. Some penis enhancement companies offer penis enlargement exercise systems, with DVDs and step-by-step tutorials to walk you through the process. A word of caution with penis exercises, they’re generally effective, and gains of three and even four inches aren’t unheard of, but use a doctor-approved system, like Erection Fitness™, and follow the instructions provided. The penis is a series of tissues and ligaments that can sustain permanent damage if strained inappropriately.

vigrxplus-drPenis extenders, like exercises, use traction to increase blood flow throughout the penis, which stimulates cell mitosis and grows penile tissue. They’re another good way to broaden your penis. The same criteria applies here that you’d use with other methods. Choose a doctor-approved mechanism, like ProExtender™ System, with medical-grade metals and plastics to avoid a rash or allergic response. Again, read and follow the instructions provided. Penis extenders, when used correctly and with enough regularity, are among the most effective means to make your penis bigger.


Of course, like a good Swiss army knife, some products perform double duty. Penis enlargement pills such as VigRX™ are medically proven to both increase penis size and boost sexual performance. Choosing a one-size-fits-all product can be difficult, however, as most products are known for specializing in one function in particular.

Make Your Choice

If you’re looking to lengthen your penis and boost your sexual performance, consider cross-training your penis with an effective semen volume enhancer like Semanex™ and one of the stronger extenders. ProExtender™ System is a good option here, as it’s a quality mechanism and medically endorsed. A combination of one of the stronger oils, like VigRX Oil™ with a good exercise program would work as well. Mix them up a bit. Follow the instructions and always err on the side of caution when it doubt.

Then, once you’ve got your pleasing penis and the sexual drive and stamina to back it up, get out there and enjoy it!