I’m not a doctor and I’m not into conspiracy theories. I don’t like scare tactics and I try to use sound judgement when reading the headlines.

But I do take health seriously. And considering that this is a male enhancement blog, and that penis-related cancer is a lousy way to go, this article should raise a few eyebrows:


To summarize, guys diagnosed with testicular cancer over the age of 40 are twice as likely to die as younger guys.

There are some surprising stats about testicular cancer. Most often it affects guys aged 15-40, and it’s hit some familiar names. Celebrities who’ve successfully beaten testicular cancer include Lance Armstrong, Tom Green and NHL superstar Phil Kessel (and he’s 23 years old!!).

But when it hits guys over 40, it’s twice as lethal.

Prostate cancer is a another killer of men. While the average age at diagnosis is 70, estimates peg new cases of prostate cancer between 200,000 to a quarter of a million in the U.S per year, with roughly 30,000 deaths.

Prostate cancer is highly genetic. Men with direct relatives with prostate cancer are two to five times more likely to get hit.

You probably know someone who’s been diagnosed with prostate cancer. And in the unlikely event that you don’t, now you do. My grandfather had prostate cancer, and it’s killing my stepfather.

I’m blogging about penis-related cancer as an incentive to take your health seriously. If you’re interested in male enhancement, you’ve got an invested interest in your physical health and mental well-being. Believe me, cancer has a harsh way of killing both.

The cool news is that prostate cancer, while often genetic, can be prevented with general health tips and common sense. Stuff like eating your veggies. Cauliflower, broccoli and dark greens are bursting with cancer-fighting minerals. Eating broccoli once a week can slash your risk of prostate cancer by 40%.

And go easy on the booze. We’ve heard there are health benefits to moderate alcohol consumption, but there’s a fine line between moderate and too much. Do some research and you’ll find the tipping point comes after two drinks a day. I’d stick to one. Considering that excessive alcohol consumption is directly linked to prostate cancer, you might do the same.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Another way to reduce your risk to prostate cancer is to ejaculate frequently. That means at least three times per week. The benefits aren’t exclusive to intercourse either. Solo play also helps.

One last thought. Numerous studies are now linking cell phones and laptop computers to reduced sperm production. Both emit radiation.

I’m no scientist. But you can’t go wrong by keeping your cell phone out of your pant pocket, and your laptop off your laptop.