It’s every man’s desire to have a fuller and larger penis. Many men thought that they can never enhance the size of their penis. Fortunately, this is just a misnomer since there are actually a number of ways to enhance the penis size without necessarily taking male enhancement supplements.

Talking about the penis size, this will not only include the length but as well as the width. That has to be emphasized because more often than never, men are only concern of measuring the length of their penis and easily disregard the width of their girth. As a matter of fact, most women actually find wider penis as more pleasurable than longer ones. Here are some of the safest and most effective penile enlargement exercises to have a larger penis:


Jelquing is perhaps the oldest method among all the penile enlargement exercises and it is one of the most commonly used among men who want to have a larger penis. Jelquing can only be performed while the penis is still on its semi-tumescent state in which full erection is not yet fully achieved. Jelquing while the penis is erect can only cause injury to the sensitive tissues of the penis and cause irreversible damage. It’s best to use a lot of lubrication to make the entire process a lot more comfortable. Use the “okay” sign when holding your penis and slowly slide it down from the base to the shaft. Repeat the process using the other hand. Self-control is one of the fundamentals in jelquing since you really have to control yourself to avoid full erection. It’s also best done after or during a hot bath as it can relax and loosen up the muscles. For beginners, starting with 100 strokes is recommended. Increase the number of strokes gradually until you reach 500 strokes.


Stretching is another effective penile enlargement exercise like jelquing. But unlike jelquing that only requires a few seconds of intervals, stretching requires more than 15 seconds of having your penis stretched on its comfortable limit. One thing in common between stretching and jelquing is that they must be performed with a flaccid penis. Stretching is done by pulling the head of your penis and stretching it out. Hold it for 15 seconds before releasing it. It is also advisable to stretch the penis sideways. After stretching the penis, shake it vigorously as this can help to relax the muscles of the penis.


Ballooning is also one of the most effective penile enlargement exercises. It is performed by using the urge of ejaculation. It is done by holding back ejaculation by holding the penis firmly with your hand. If this process is done repeatedly, it encourages the tissues to stretch inside and eventually increase the size of your penis.


Unlike most penile enlargement exercises, doing kegels does not require both hands. Basically, it’s a handless procedure in which all you have to do is to contract the muscles around your pelvis in the same manner like you are urinating. Some men who are into kegels can actually achieve ejaculation even without the stimulation of a hand.

Those are all the penile enlargement exercises that you can do to safely and effectively enhance the size of your penis. Just keep in mind on how to do those enlargement exercises properly. With enough time and effort, you will surely have a larger penis in no time.