A lot of men are limping into their senior years, and not with their legs. Ongoing erectile dysfunction hits about five per cent of men at 40, and creeps up to between 15% and 25% of men age 65 and higher. That’s according to the National Institute of Health.

One of the main suspects for ED might surprise you. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, also known as pain killers, are now linked to higher risk of erectile dysfuncton.

Hold on now, there’s no need to avoid painkillers completely. But you might find this an interesting read about the proposed link between NSAIDs and that bottle of aspirin sitting in your bathroom.


Ok, so this means what?

First, studies are ongoing. Researchers have found a pattern between regular use of painkillers and ED. Regular is the key word here. There’s no need to shave your head and run off to the hills to become a monk void of any exposure to pharmaceuticals. If you’ve got a migraine, you can still pop a pill and expect to get it up.

Second, the study quoted in the article notes that some of the men who regularly used painkillers were prone to other ED risk factors, including smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Not all, but some.

Does this mean that we should avoid painkillers? Heck no. If you’ve got an itch, you scratch it. If you’ve got a migraine, fix it. And if that means you have to pop a pill, it’s not the end of the world, or of your ability to get wood.

What it does mean is that a) regular use of painkillers (as in, every day) might lead to erectile dysfunction, and b) there’s no substitute for healthy diet, body weight and lifestyle.

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And a parting thought to leave you with. Repeated studies have shown that sex is a very efficient painkiller, and can reduce and even eliminate symptoms of pain. That’s healthier than a painkiller for sure, and a lot more fun.