You know urge you get sometimes to tap your legs while you’re sitting? Well he’s got a more serious cousin called Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) that researchers link to impotence.

Weird huh? Well it’s true. See for yourself.

Researchers at Harvard University made that link in a study that builds on an earlier trial from 2002, of 11,000 men with an average age of 64. The trial was called Health Professionals Follow-Up Study, and participants did not suffer from erectile dysfunction, diabetes or arthritis when the study commenced.

The researchers classified men as having restless legs syndrome if they met RLS diagnostic criteria with symptoms at least five times a month.

Their findings? A whole lot of erectile dysfunction – 1,979 cases to be exact. And men with RLS were 50% more likely to become impotent than men without RLS symptoms.

The study notes, however, that the link between RLS and erectile dysfunction appears strongest in older men. The greater the symptoms, the greater the risk.
The researchers theorize that a hypo-functioning of the brain chemical dopamine in the central nervous system could explain the link, as it’s associated with both RLS and erectile dysfunction.

Restless Legs Syndrome is a powerful urge to move the legs, characterized by a constant itching and discomfort when sitting or lying down. Symptoms can be made worse with tobacco, alcohol and caffeine.

This isn’t reason to get paranoid about impotence. Hey, we all tap our legs sometimes. You wont go soft for that.

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