You recognize that all penises aren’t created equal and you want to do something about it. Good for you. You’re making an important decision here. After all, this is your penis! Now, how do you go about enhancing your best friend? You’ve got some choices, and they point to either penis enhancement surgery or natural methods. There are factors to consider for both options. Let’s break them down.

What is Phalloplasty?

Penis enhancement surgery, or phalloplasty, is a cosmetic surgery that can be performed to either widen the girth of your penis or to make your penis longer. Recent studies suggest that men who undergo girth enlargement are generally satisfied with the results, with 81% of patients giving their approval with their widened penis. This form of phalloplasty can produce a penis girth up to 5.7 inches.

The process of girth enlargement involves injecting a foreign growth or enlargement object – often silicone – into the scrotum. This is an emerging field, with some plastic surgeons favouring treated tissue over silicone. While the FDA does not approve of this practice, some surgeons even use AlloDerm, or treated cadaver tissue, to increase penis girth.

Phalloplasty to lengthen the penis involves transplanting sections of the patient’s tissue, or grafting, to the penis, and extending the urethra. The grafts are taken either from the forearm, chest, leg or pubic flap just below the belly button. Each process leaves scarring and requires follow-up surgery, usually three to six months later, to implant an erectile prosthesis. Penis lengthening surgery can extend the penis to a maximum seven inches in length.

Unlike girth widening, penis lengthening surgery produces disappointing results. Studies performed on patients who underwent the process indicate that 70% of men were unhappy with the results.

The surgery is not without risks either. Complications and side effects include scarring, bruising, shortage of blood supply, loss of sensation in the penis and an inability to penetrate. Worse, this form of phalloplasty comes with a high risk of loss of ability to produce an erection. In many cases, this effect is permanent.

Of course, there are financial considerations that come with phalloplasty as well. Penis enlargement surgery isn’t cheap, at around five grand a pop. Scared of the knives? Thinking of a surgeon’s scalpel prodding the blood vessels and ligaments that constitute the penis isn’t exactly a pleasant thought. Phalloplasty has produced enough horror stories to make Stephen King cringe.

The Natural Way

Fortunately, you can enhance your penis without knives, scalpels or dead body parts. Natural penis enhancement involves using methods proven to stimulate penis growth. They include penis enlargement pills, penis extenders and exercises that encourage cell division and tissue growth within the penis by traction. These methods come with none of the side effects of surgery.

Penis pills, such as VigRX™ Plus, stimulate penis growth by increasing blood flow to the penis, using a variety of herbals and amino acids and Bioperene® (VigRX™ Plus only). These herbals include damiana, horny goat weed and ginkgo biloba. In addition to growing penile tissue, VigRX™ Plus also boosts overall sexual health, including stamina and erection control.

Penis enhancement exercises stimulate cell mitosis (division) within the penis through traction. Using a variety of exercises, penis exercise systems increase blood flow throughout the penis and have been documented to increase penis length up to four inches. While highly effective, these exercises require proper attention to instructions. Any penis exercise regiment should include warm-ups, tissue overload and appropriate rest time. The penis is a tissue, not a muscle, and is therefore prone to bruising, tearing and damaged ligaments that can lead to permanent damage if not performed correctly. Look for an exercise program that provides comprehensive, step-by-step instructions, such as Erection Fitness™.

Like penis exercises, lengtheners extend the penis through traction. Penis lengtheners are another highly effective lengthening method, provided instructions are followed. Consisting of a plastic ring, in which the user inserts the penis, and movable rods, lengtheners place light pressure on the penis that, over time, extends and widens the penis. Results with penis extenders correspond to the duration of time they’re used, and generally produce the best results when worn from eight to ten hours a day for up to six months. There are no side effects with penis extenders, provided you use a high quality mechanism with medical-grade plastics, such as ProExtender™ System, to avoid a rash or allergic response.

Natural penis enhancement is most effective for lengthening, although they’re also proven to add girth. These methods are substantially safer and more affordable than surgery. Penis enhancement pills like VigRX™ Plus come with additional benefits including boosting sexual health, while penis exercises and extenders are documented to improve erection and ejaculation control, which leads to a more controlled and enjoyable orgasm.

Knives or Natural?

Of course, the decision between surgery versus natural penis enhancement is yours to make. You’re more than welcome to spend five thousand dollars of your hard-earned money to have a doctor slice your penis with a scalpel to perform a surgery that 70% of men are unhappy with that necessitates at least one follow-up surgery that produces horror-movie quality side effects, including loss of sensation and erection ability, which is often permanent.

But there’s not much fun in that, is there?

Or you could go with a natural penis enhancement method, like VigRX™ Plus, Erection Fitness™ or ProExtender™ System, which are all proven to lengthen and widen the penis, with none of the side effects or costs associated with surgery and that also benefit overall sexual health, control and stamina, which translates to more regular, controlled and longer orgasms.

Your choice.