Sexual performance is a very important part of every man. It is the desire of every man to become a virile animal and when this does not happen, a man will become worried. Most people associate low sexual performance to small size of the penis and also due to sexual dysfunction. Most men with a small penis will have reduced sexual confidence because they think that they will not be able to satisfy their partners. Sexual dysfunction happens when a man cannot achieve a good erection and also when he cannot achieve an erection at all. Most men with sexual dysfunction will not be able to maintain an erection long enough to satisfy their partners.

Natural male enhancement involves the use of natural methods that helps to boost a man’s sexual performance. The natural remedies that can easily be tried at home may include penile exercises, change of diet, nutritional supplements, herbal solutions and also pills that have been manufactured using natural ingredients

Change of diet

There are several types of foods that have been associated with improved male stamina. It is recommended that you eat foods that are rich in fiber. Such foods may include fruits, oats and whole grains. Other foods that will boost libido will include bee pollen, sesame seeds and also watercress seeds. These foods are also important for overall body health. There are also a number of foods that you should avoid for example foods that high levels of hydrogenated or saturated fats. Saturated fats have been associated with a number of circulatory issues and therefore they may result in reduced blood flow on the genitals especially on the penis.

Nutritional supplements

Deficiency of some nutrients in the body could lead to reduced sexual performance. Therefore, supplementing your diet with these supplements is likely to reverse the effects of deficiency of those vital nutrients. There are a number of nutrients that you can supplement to achieve improved sexual performance for example;

Zinc - Deficiency of this nutrient in the body has been associated with reduced sperm count and also reduced libido. By taking a zinc supplement, you boost the testes’ ability to synthesize the hormone testosterone. Improved levels of this hormone will not only boost the libido but it will also foster male characteristics such as development of muscles.

Essential fatty acids - Essential fatty acids are also very helpful to men who have sexual dysfunction. It has been established that men need much more essential acids as compared to women. Essential fatty acids play an important role in testosterone productions. You can obtain these fatty acids from fish oil, soy oil, and flaxseed oil and also in safflower.

Other important supplements include - folic acid, biotin, vitamin B and pantothenic acid. It is important to note that deficiency of these vitamins could actually damage the testes.

Male enhancement exercises

If you have started experiencing sexual problems after getting fat, well it is time you thought about shedding some fats. When you get overweight, some fats will be deposited in areas surrounding the penis making it to appear smaller. Being overweight will also reduce the testosterone levels in the blood which could consequently lead to low libido. It is important to look for a weight loss program that you will be comfortable with and one that will ensure that you maintain the right weight.

Hanging weights on the penis - This is a popular method to those men who are seeking to increase the length of their penis. This process will take a very long time for one to achieve the desired length of the penis. Weight ranging from 1ounce to 1 pound are tied with a strap and then attached on the glans of the penis. The weight will be allowed to hang there for some time before they can be removed. It is highly recommended that you talk to your physician before you begin using these weights.

Masturbation technique - If you are seeking to enhance the size of your penis, regular masturbation could help. However, during masturbation, try not to ejaculate. It is advisable that you hold the penis at different locations and also try to pull it in different directions. If you will achieve to bring yourself close to climaxing several times during an hour, you will not only help to increase the size of the penis, but you will also to boost the sex stamina.

Jelq technique - This technique is popularly known as “milking”. During this practice, a man will apply a lubricant on the shaft of the penis. He will then tightly squeeze the penis starting from the base towards the glans. This technique has proven to be among the most effective ways of increasing the girth of the penis. It is important to ensure that Jelq only when the penis is flaccid rather than when it is erect.

Herbal male enhancers
There are a number of herbs that have been found to have natural male enhancement properties. Herbs are a better option to many people due to the fact that they are effective and also they have little or no side effects at all. Some of the male enhancement herbs are;

Ginko biloba - This herb has a long history of use among the Chinese people and other cultures around the word. This herb has been found to be effective in the treatment of stress and memory loss. Research also found that this herb is effective in treating sexual dysfunction that has been induced by stress.

Tongkat Ali - This extract is obtained from some trees that grow in the South East Asia. Various studies have shown that this herb helps to raise your testosterone levels well beyond the normal levels thus increasing libido. Due to its properties, this herb has been used to treat sexual dysfunction.

Horny goat weed - This herb is also very popular natural male enhancement. It has been very popular for many years among the Chinese Medicines. Its active ingredient is icariin which is aphrodisiac in nature. This herb has been used effectively in the treatment of male sexual dysfunction. Apart from treating sexual dysfunction, this herb will also alleviate fatigue, boost passion and also prevent the growth of cancerous tumors.

Muira pauma - This herb is extracted from a shrub which is found in parts of Brazil. This herbal extract has been found to produce long lasting effects in prolonging erection and also in increasing virility. It is also an antioxidant and effective in treatment of stress.