Natural male enhancement products receive either great reviews or bad reviews, depending on what site you are on. Many sites that promote natural health will also natural promote male enhancement products and stand behind their claims of it working. Alternatively, a conventional medicine focused site may tell you that natural male enhancement products don’t work. Which one is right? To answer that question, let’s talk about five common myths surrounding natural male enhancement.

1. No Man Needs To Use Enhancement Products

Many websites will tell you that you don’t really need to use any sort of male enhancement products according to women. I have seen statistics that say up to 85% of women are happy with their partners penis size and performance. Unfortunately, most of these statistics are not an accurate representation of the population. When polled from cosmopolitan, I have to wonder the average age of these women and if they really have experienced good sex themselves.

Many women do not start to really understand their sexuality until their 30′s. In fact, according to Planned Parenthood statistics, over two-thirds of women do not experience orgasm during sex. When women understand what pleases them, they also realize that size is kind of important and stamina is definitely important. A woman takes much longer to build up to an orgasm than a man does and penetration needs to be consistent in order for a woman to reach orgasm.

In addition, natural male enhancement products not only boost size and performance, but they also boost confidence which gives a man the desire to take the time and learn how to make his woman experience the orgasm she wants. Therefore, if a man is having problems with sex, then enhancement products can help support a healthy sex life.

2. Natural Doesn’t Work

Many naysayers point to the fact that there is not a lot of research done on natural male enhancement products, and technically, they are right. There has not been a ton of research done on these natural products, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t work. Big companies who want to make a ton of money from their drugs often fund research, and because conventional medicine is still the accepted form of medicine in the west, there isn’t much demand for research on natural products.

However, this doesn’t mean that natural products are not giving males the results they are looking for. In fact, if you go to male dominated forums regarding sexual performance, you will see much discussion about the effectiveness and the success that men have been having using natural products.

In addition, before Viagra and current methods of enhancement were developed, there were natural methods used for thousands of years. No product lasts for thousands of years unless it works and the effectiveness is widely known.

3. There Are No Side Effects From Natural Medicine

The truth is that natural medicine is still medicine and it causes physiological changes in the body. Anything that changes how the body works has the potential to create side effects. It is important to pay attention to your body while taking any natural pills and stop immediately if you notice negative side effects occurring.

Natural medicine supports the body in functioning right and often goes straight to the root of the problem, while conventional medicine treats symptoms. There is no arguing that preventative medicine that helps the body work properly is much better than a band-aid that is temporarily placed over a boo-boo, and the biggest side effect of that is a better functioning body.

4. Alternative Means Wrong

Most natural products are labeled ‘alternative’ products. Many people believe that ‘alternative’ means the alternate choice, as if going natural should be the second choice that we should make. However, if you think about it, natural medicine was around long before conventional medicine came into play, and just because conventional medicine made its way to the top of the game in the west, it doesn’t mean that natural should be the ‘alternative’ option.

The majority of countries in the world have long used natural forms of medicine over newer forms of medicine. This is not to say that they avoid conventional medicine altogether; however, the fact is that they turn to natural measures first because it is in their culture to do so as it has proven effective repeatedly. And the fact that most of these countries have healthier residents may be a red flag for our way of life.

Therefore, natural medicine is not the wrong choice. In fact, it may be the best choice out there. However, because we have grown up to believe that natural medicine is non-effective and should not be used, we have a hard time accepting that natural just means from the earth. Remember that the earth is where medicine should come from.

5. The Natural Male Enhancement Pill Will Be Enough

While natural enhancement pills can certainly help your body function better, they are not the only answer. You need to change more than just how many pills you swallow a day, you also need to make some lifestyle changes that support a healthy sex life and proper functioning of your internal processes.

For instance, smoking is a horrible habit for allowing your internal processes to run smoothly. It can decrease blood flow in your body, including to your sexual organs, because it causes blood vessels to become narrow. Smoking can also drain your energy and stamina, two huge problems in the bedroom.

Other considerations are diet, exercise, and mental health. While drugs can support your body’s functions, it cannot create perfect health on its own. Your health is determined by many different factors, and by concerning yourself with all of those factors you can ensure that the enhancement pill can really maximize its effectiveness.

In the end, there are many different opinions on natural male enhancement products. While some of them are valid, many of them are just opinion based on what someone is trying to sell you. Take into consideration the above five tips and come up with your own opinion.