Natural lubricants are safer than most drugstore lubes

Always on the cutting edge of what’s cool in your drive way, it turns out that Germans are eco-conscious about more than the latest M-Series BMW.

Other Nature is an organic sex shop in Berlin. They cater to sexy folks who give a darn about their ecological and ethical footprint on the planet. In due fashion, they sell organic and vegan sex aids, from dildos to lubricants. Even leather-free whips that aren’t, well, leather.

Let your inner eco-friendly sado-masochistic self rejoice at the crack of a whip on your back knowing it was manufactured ethically in accordance with fair trade regulations. Please mistress, may I have another?

We’re actually pretty keen on the idea, especially the synthetic-free ingredients in the lubes that are gaining popularity in Germany. It ain’t cool to test stuff on animals. And most of the stuff found in common drugstore lubricants doesn’t belong in the bottom of your local scum swamp.

But rest assured gents, it’s not necessary to hop on the next Lufthansa plane to get some of that natural, synthetic-free lubricant love. Want an instant erection with natural ingredients? Try VigRX Oil or ProSolution Gel.