Men who think that they are less than endowed ‘down there’ may want to look at a few natural male enhancement exercises to produce an increase in growth in size. A lot of men are worried that they may be smaller or shorter than normal, despite the fact that this is often an unfounded worry. However, doing a few exercises would not hurt if done the natural way.

Natural Male Enhancement Exercises


This is perhaps the number 1 exercise for men who want to increase their length and girth. This is done while the penis is semi-erect. Use plenty of lubrication and use the thumb and the forefinger forming an OK sign at the base of the penis. Slowly drag your hand upwards, squeezing from the base until you reach the tip. Do the same thing with the other hand. You can do up to 100 strokes for the first exercises but you can gradually increase the number as you go along. Not only is this exercise effective for increasing the length and girth of the penis, it is also believed to help correct a curved or bent penis.

There are other kinds of jelqing techniques. Two popular variations are out-and-down and the tao technique. The out-and-down technique is done on a flaccid member by grasping the base with one hand and squeezing the shaft using the other hand. Loosen your grip before squeezing again, instead of using a milking motion. This should be done 100 times for the first time but the strokes can be gradually increased as well. The Tao Technique on the other hand is best for creating a larger penis head and is done by holding to the base of the penis with one hand and gently squeezing the penile shaft to direct the circulation to the head.


According to a very known site on male enhancement, ballooning involves rubbing the sensitive spot on your penis, whether it is the sides or the shaft as long as it is an area that gives you pleasure. Rub the spot in a circular motion until you become very erect until you feel the urge to ejaculate. You have to avoid rubbing the underside of the glans if this is the first time for ballooning since this area is very sensitive and may cause you to ejaculate prematurely. As you continue rubbing, do kegels to direct more blood into the head. This further increases the size of the penis and gives the penile tissue a more intense workout. Do this exercise for 20 minutes, but you can gradually increase the duration as you get more practice.


This is done while the penis is not erect and involves pulling the penis and pulling it forward to stretch it to its maximum limit that is comfortable for you. Hold the position for 15 seconds before releasing. Shake the penis after the release to relax the muscles. Do the exercise 15 times and gradually increase as you go along.

These are just a few of the many effective male enhancement exercises that you can do to increase the length and girth of the penis. Regular exercises as well as proper form can help you achieve the length and girth that you want without resorting to medications or expensive male enhancement devices.